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Amino acid feed is a very common feed, and almost all people who farm animals use amino acid feed. And they all think this kind of feed is great, but if you are a newcomer to the farm, don't buy amino acid feeds at will, because it has the benefits of improving protein utilization and feed conversion rate and increasing resistance, but it also depends on different Need to buy different types. This article will detail the knowledge of various amino acids.



[Product Technologies] Synergism and antagonism between trace elements

It is well known that trace elements are important to humans, as well as to animals. Although trace elements occupy a very small proportion, their importance cannot be ignored. Whether it is in the growth and development of animals, or metabolism, including disease prevention and improve feed utilization, it plays a very important role. In the absence of certain trace elements, it will have extremely serious consequences on the health of animals and may even lead to the death of the animal. Therefore, feed containing trace elements is not lacking. This article will explain the knowledge about trace element feed.



[Product Technologies] How to make rational use of vitamin feed?

Vitamins are catalysts for biochemical reactions and metabolism of animals. They are a kind of micronutrients that are essential for maintaining normal physiological functions of animals and maintaining normal growth and development of animals. They have become a feed additive that must be supplemented in modern feed industry and intensive feeding conditions. The lack of vitamins in animals will have obvious adverse consequences for growth and development. Therefore, vitamins must be added to the daily feed for the body's needs. However, there are still many misunderstandings in the daily application of vitamin feed. This article mainly reviews these aspects.



[Product Technologies] Corn gluten meal, an organic choice

Corn gluten meal is a by-product of corn grains that have been purified by the food industry for producing starch or brewing industry. Its protein is rich in nutrients and has a special taste and color. It can be used as feed. Compared with fish meal and bean cake commonly used in the feed industry, It has obvious advantages, high feed value, does not contain toxic and harmful substances, and does not need to be reprocessed. It can be directly used as a protein raw material.

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