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Trace element copper is an essential element of all living things and is an energy source that provides the operation of life activities. It plays an extremely important role in animals, and all farm animal owners will not forget to supplement their animals with copper feed additives. Moreover, copper is one of the most easily missing elements, so it should be paid more attention and added in time. This article will explore the trace element copper.



[Product Technologies] What animal is the trace element manganese suitable for?

In all organisms, although trace elements are rare, but cannot be changed, it is one of the most important energy sources. There are many kinds of trace elements, and manganese is one of them. However, although trace elements are important, they are not as good as possible. Not all organisms need to supplement trace element manganese. This article will explore the trace element manganese.



[Product Technologies] What are the benefits of vitamin feed for my animals?

It is well known that vitamins are a class of low-molecular organic substances essential for maintaining normal physiological functions of animals, and are also essential micro-nutrients for maintaining animal life. Vitamin feed has always been described as necessary, and what benefits it has for livestock animals is something that many people want to know. This article will explore this issue.



[Industry News] The scope of use of amino acid feed

Amino acid feed is a widely used feed that is used in poultry, livestock, fish, etc. And it is so widely used because there are many different kinds of the feeds. These diverse amino acid feeds play a variety of roles in our pastures, making our pastures thriving. This article will provide information on the use of the feeds in all livestock animals.

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