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Are you worried that your cow is not as strong as someone else's? Learn about corn gluten feed. Extensive research has shown that it is a highly digestible alternative source of protein, energy and phosphorus. When incorporated into beef growing and finishing diets, they optimize performance and reduce feed costs. This article will provide detailed information on corn gluten feed.



[Product Technologies] The safety hazard of trace element feed

Trace element feeds are widely used in animal farming today, and trace element feeds are at the forefront of research. In these years, traditional inorganic salts were used to extract trace elements, but with the deepening of research and the extension of the timeline. Traditional inorganic salts have been found to have more and more safety hazards in the process of production and use, mainly reflected in the quality problems and environmental pollution problems of livestock products. These phenomena have caused widespread concern and anxiety. This article will analyze the safety hazards caused by trace element feed.



[Industry News] What is the trace element additive?

Trace elements are an indispensable part of living organisms. Although they are rare in our body, their importance cannot be ignored. Nowadays it is widely used in animal husbandry, and every farmer who raises poultry or livestock uses trace element additives. They are irreplaceable and vital for farmed animals. This article will explain in detail the necessary additives.



[Product Technologies] What trace elements are in the feed?

In recent years, livestock and poultry farmers have developed rapidly. Captive livestock, especially caged poultry, have frequent micronutrient deficiencies and need to be supplemented in the form of trace element feed additives. Although the trace element feed does not contain energy, it has a close relationship and a huge influence on the metabolism of energy-producing proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc., and is essential for ensuring the health, growth and development of livestock and poultry. This article will specifically describe the information on trace elements.

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