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With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of economic globalization, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality and safety of livestock and poultry products. High-quality livestock products need to be guaranteed with efficient and safe feed. Feed safety has become an important link and source of animal food safety.



[Product Technologies] How is choline chloride made ?

Choline is an important part of phospholipid and an indispensable substance for animal growth. The feed already contains choline, but many factors affect its content, so extra addition is needed in the feed. Among them, the feed of pregnant sows and cows is important to add choline, and the feed of chicks should also be added. Therefore, the industrial production of choline chloride is particularly important.



[Product Technologies] Why vitamin additives are good for animals?

Nowadays, many people eat dietary supplements or vitamins. Then they gradually took them to their pets. But most pet owners do this because they want it, not because of animals need for vitamin additives. In fact, there are no too many people can answer the question that what are the effects of vitamin additives on animals.This article will focus on the benefits of vitamin additives to animals and describe the relevant information.



[Industry News] Why add calcium formate to feed

What is the role of feed grade calcium formate in the feed? Maybe you are wondering, you have to add acid, why should you add such a compound to complicate the process. In fact, when organic acids are used in feeds or mixed into premixes, their acidity is highly likely to cause loss of vitamins in t

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