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Tryptophan is a restricted amino acid for pigs and must be obtained from an exogenous supply. When tryptophan is deficient in livestock and poultry, the conversion efficiency of feed will be reduced, and the animals will suffer from growth stagnation and weight loss.



[Product Technologies] Is amino acid an essential element?

Adding amino acids to feed has been widely adopted. Generally, the content of lysine and methionine in plant feeds based on cereals and soybean meal is relatively low, which can not meet the needs of animals. Adding amino acids can greatly save the amount of protein, reduce feeding costs, and improve animal production efficiency.The protein in animal products comes from the protein in the feed. The lack of feed ingredients, especially the lack of protein feed is the main factor restricting the development of animal husbandry. The use of amino acids in feed opens up other protein resources than conventional protein, and opens a way to resolve the contradiction between the development of animal husbandry and the lack of protein feed.



[Product Technologies] The role of trace element in animal nutrition

Trace elements are one of the indispensable nutrients in life sports, and they are also called "life metals". They are involved in the formation and activation of enzymes, vitamins and hormones in animals; they are also involved in regulating material metabolism, and determine the growth and development and reproduction of the body, as well as the production efficiency and product quality of animals. However, if used improperly, excessive or insufficient, it can disturb the mechanism of life movement, cause animal malnutrition or poisoning, and cause animals to show a series of diseases. Such cases are common. Therefore, trace elements must be strictly controlled and rationally used in feed.



[Product Technologies] How trace element feed improve livestock production

Trace elements are important structural and functional components of the animal body. Although their content is low, they play a very important role in animal growth and development, metabolism, disease prevention, and improvement of feed utilization.

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