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For a long time, the imbalance of microbial carbon distribution has hindered the accumulation of natural metabolites. Among them, feed grade L-Threonine is an important amino acid, no matter for livestock or the ones who raise livestock. L-Threonine cannot be synthesized in livestock bodies and must be supplied through feed. Therefore, adding an appropriate amount of L-Threonine crystal to the daily feed has become more and more important.



[Product Technologies] Can feed grade vitamin d3 be used after its shelf life?

While there are many factors that affect the quality of feed grade vitamin d3, in the process of purchasing, storage, processing, and feeding, expiration is a non-negligible factor that affects the quality. Perhaps the human senses alone cannot perceive the difference between the expired powder vitamin d3 and the previous ones, but applying it to breeding will have a bad effect, and even make other aspects of efforts in vain.



[Product Technologies] Do you need to add lysine to the sheep premix?

L lysine hydrochloride is an amino acid necessary for the growth of livestock. At present, premix has been widely used in breeding process of modern cultivation industry. As the star of the premix, does the sheep premix contain feed grade L lysine hydrochloride as well? What role can L lysine hydrochloride play in sheep raising?



[Product Technologies] What is the best calcium phosphate supplement?

Calcium phosphate in feed is usually made from phosphoric acid waste liquid. It is gray or brown and has an odor. After defluorination treatment, it is called defluorinated calcium phosphate. It is an off-white or dark brown powder, containing more than 29% calcium, 15% to 18% phosphorus, and 0.12% fluorine.

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