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Polifar Group is a manufacturing and trading combo approved by China Economic and Trade Bureau and customs since 2,000, involved in mining, developing, selling phosphate products and providing technical support.

In order to extend global market, POLIFAR passed FAMI-QS certification examinations in 2011, earned widespread acceptance among European market, and entered rapidly to more than 40 countries and regions, like North America, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa etc..

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POLIFAR has been china well-known brand and has long-term cooperation with China’s top 500 enterprises.


POLIFAR has been china well-known brand and has long-term cooperation with China’s top 500 enterprises.


Customzied packaging can be provided to help enhance market popularity and achieve mutual benefit.


Rock phosphate 500 meters underground with low pollution and heavy metal is the basis of high quality phosphates products.


POLIFAR has established cooperations with lots of authoritative independent testing organizations, aiming to provide professional, sincere, efficient detection service for customers.


Choose POLIFAR, what you will receive is not only our products, but also feel our different service. Our service will not stop until guarantee you received the products and give us your satisfied feedback for the order.


Quality is the foundation of the enterprise development. Polifar’s products have been certificated by FAMI-QS, ISO, SGS and FDA.  Manufacturing process is strictly implemented according to HACCP.


Polifar is a leading food additive manufacturer in the industry, mainly providing trace elements, vitamins, amino acid and other products. Feed additives can be added to animal feed to provide nutrition for animals, ensure their health, and avoid disease.


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Dear Janey,
our finance department scheduled the payment for 11-12.02. after your holidays.
Thank you for your perfect loading photos, and pallets support,it seems very good job, also appreciate of your current market situation share,it is really very helpful for me ,I think we can depend on you to open more market from Gemany.
Of course,we wish get more information from you ,like threonine,by the way the price trend form is really very attractive . 
Thank you and have a wonderful week!

——  Boris Nechitaylov
Thanks, Serena.
Good service!
Your timely update is very useful to me. I hope that the price of Polifar will always have an advantage. We have been working together. 
The next order of methionine will be scheduled in March. Please give me the latest price.

——  Mauro
Dear Ms Janey:
Tks for your fantastic update for docus Noted and I will wait for our bank's confirmation of receipt for these documents. After several cooperation, Polifar brand has been approved by our customer group for the package design and product quality,we want to promote all of your products in our market, so are you interested in this agreement ? By the way, Pls also quote me one container choline chloride 27mt load in 40 FCL' cotainer for Feb. shipment. 
Await for your confirmation.

—— David
Regain business confidence
Good day to you. Please find attached signed SC. We are processing IDF and will let you know as soon as we transfer the funds. 
we received DCP today and apperance and granulation looks good. Pls always maintain high quality standards.

——  Mr Onyango
Regain business confidence1
I do not want any customer to tell me that Chinese products are poor quality. I bought from another chinese company before but because of poor quality,I lost my biggest customer and up-to now it's difficult to get them back. They have however agreed to take your DCP. I sold 5 tones of DCP to them today. They take 5 tones every week.Thanks you. Rgards
——  Mr Onyango


​POLIFAR has been china well-known brand and has long-term cooperation with China’s top 500 enterprises.
  • 31
  • August
The status of multiple vitamin feeds

As an important part of animal feed, vitamin supplements are getting more and more attention. However, vitamin feed additives are very diverse, which makes many people feel helpless and helpless, and can not correctly understand vitamin feed. This means that they are prone to errors when they are used, with serious consequences. This article will explain the various vitamin feed additives.

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  • 23
  • August
The effect of trace elements on eggshells

China is a big country in the world for laying hens. The commodity hens account for 40% to 45% of the world's stock. In recent years, the annual output of eggs is about 20 million tons. In the collection, grading, packaging, transportation, storage and processing of eggs, eggs are inevitably affected by external forces, resulting in cracking or cracking of the eggshell, resulting in losses of more than 500 million yuan per year, to producers and wholesalers. The economic losses caused are very large. At this time, the influence of trace elements on eggs is crucial. This paper will review the existing mechanisms of the effects of trace elements on eggshell quality.

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  • 22
  • February
2 Impressive Benefits of L-Lysine

Amino acid has the effects of meeting animal needs, promoting animal growth, improving amino acid balance, improving feed utilization, and saving protein resources. It can improve the nutritional value of plant protein and its feed, and is conducive to the development of protein feed resources. For example, adding restricted amino acids to meal meal feed can replace fish meal, thereby reducing feed costs and improving meat quality. For example, adding lysine can improve carcass quality and lean meat percentage.

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POLIFAR has been china well-known brand and has long-term cooperation with China’s top 500 enterprises.
Practical patent certificate Certificate of Patent FAMI-QS Code Quality Managment System Certificate of registration-min Polifar SPS Safety Production Monitoring System POLIFAR DCS Automation Digital Control System
 OUR MISSION: Focus on animal husbandry to make your purchases simpler, more efficient and more reliable
 OUR GOAL: Create real and lasting value for customers, achieve employees and become the most trusted feed company.

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Feed Additive

Focus on animal husbandry to make your purchases simpler, more efficient and more reliable.

Create real and lasting value for customers, achieve employees and become the most trusted feed company.
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