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POLIFAR has been china well-known brand and has long-term cooperation with China’s top 500 enterprises.
06 - 20
Heat stress in laying hens refers to a symptom in which the body temperature of chickens rises rapidly due to the high temperature of the living environment of the chickens, which affects the physiological functions and metabolism of laying hens. Laying hens mainly regulate the temperature of the ch
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04 - 13
In food protein, amino acids that are relatively insufficient according to the needs of the human body and their proportional relationship are called limiting amino acids. Limiting amino acid refers to the amino acid whose ratio of the amount of essential amino acid contained in a certain feed or ra
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02 - 16
Protein is the material basis of life. Muscles, skin, feathers, nerves, internal organs, enzymes, hormones, antibodies, etc. all contain a large amount of protein and participate in the metabolic activities of the body. Therefore, protein and amino acid not only maintain the life of poultry, but als
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02 - 06
Feed additives have the functions of improving the nutrition of feed, improving the utilization rate of feed, promoting animal growth and preventing diseases, and reducing the loss of nutrients during feed storage. Therefore, feed additives are an indispensable part of feed. There are many kinds of
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POLIFAR has focused on animal husbandry for 12 years, has accumulated many years of valuable experience in the industry, and has also witnessed the rapid development of global animal husbandry.
Proficient in domestic market channels, professionally solve your feed additives and related product channel problems.
Vitamin solutions, 10 or more kinds of vitamin cabinets are our strengths. 
We have purchased multi-vitamin products for customers in many countries.Save time and labor cost for you.


POLIFAR is building a domestic premix factory to directly premix the vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, protein powders, phosphates and other feed additives you need in the country, which will not only save your manpowerCosts, but also save feed costs, creating greater value for you. 
For different types of livestock and different age groups, we will do more professional, in-depth research, and more professional pre-combination.


You don't have to worry about price increases, because POLIFAR will stock up in advance.
You don't have to worry about docking with multiple feed additive factories, because POLIFAR has stronger domestic market channels.
You don't have to worry about quality,Because POLIFAR has passed FAMIQS, ISO, SGS, FDA certification and has strict product procurement control procedures. 
You don't have to worry about supplier breach of contract, because POLIFAR's integrity comes first, and benefits come second.Always believe that business is not a one-off, but a lifetime. Only when your interests are guaranteed will POLIFAR develop better.
We have an excellent technical team, which can be designed according to customers requirements. 

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We have an excellent technical team
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