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Polifar Vitamin D3 Powder Overview

Storage of vitamin D3
Cool and dry place, 
avoid direct sunlight
packaging of vitamin D3
Clean and tidy

shipping service of vitamin D3

Track the progress of the goods until the customer gets the goods

What Makes Polifar Vitamin D3 Unique

As we all know, the market price of vitamins varies greatly, with one price per day, or even multiple prices per day. In such a chaotic market, how does POLIFAR ensure that your interests are not lost?
Price of vitamin D3
POLIFAR stocks close to 10 million U.S. dollars each year, guaranteeing the price and supply of the products.
delivery vitamin D3

The delivery problem you care about is precisely our advantage.

vitamin D3 market

POLIFAR works closely with manufacturers and often communicates market conditions and future market changes.

benefits of vitamin D3

Let you buy at the most suitable time to maximize the benefits.

Discover Vitamin D3 Powder Range

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Polifar provides quality assurance

  • Strong channel
    1. POLIFAR's domestic and foreign sales both exceeded 200 million. We have a strong procurement team and have established good sales channels and business models with suppliers.
    2. POLIFAR can quickly collect market information at home and abroad. Changes in the domestic market will notify customers as soon as possible, to obtain greater profits for customers and help customers seize market opportunities.
  • How does POLIFAR purchase?
    Manufacturers who cooperated for the first time, through the investigation "Supplier Questionnaire", and "Supplier Site Evaluation Form" for factory inspection, first delivery verification, and formal evaluation procedures. It is proved that the company’s requirements are met, and the "Qualified Supplier List" is formed after the approval of the department manager, and the approval takes effect.
  • What is the "Supplier Site Evaluation Form"?
    The "Supplier Site Evaluation Form" is an important record document for POLIFAR's implementation of procurement, and its contents include:
    1. Authenticity verification: Check whether the supplier qualification documents are complete.
    2. Quality management: Whether there is a strict management system and operation process in the production process, and whether it is strictly implemented.
    3. Institutions and personnel: Check whether the personnel organization and the quality assurance system are reasonable.
    4. Plant and facilities: The supplier is required to provide a floor plan of the plant area to check whether the production environment is tidy, whether the plant layout is reasonable and effective to prevent cross-infection, etc.
    5. Equipment: Check whether the production capacity of the company meets the supply requirements and whether there are operating procedures for the cleaning, use, and maintenance of equipment;
    6. Raw materials and products: Check the supplier's management systems related to the purchase, storage, and use of raw materials;
    7. Production management: request the supplier to provide the production process flow chart, and check a series of problems related to the production management of the supplier;
    8. Entrusted production and inspection: Check whether the supplier has entrusted other laboratories to test items and entrust other units to produce;
    9. Shipment recall: Check the supplier to ensure that the product will not deteriorate or be contaminated during product transportation.

Choose Polifar, Enjoy Top Service

We are not a high-tech industry. In today's fierce homogeneity competition, how can we get you more benefits, benefits, and better development? Therefore, we always firmly believe that service creates trust, service creates value, and service creates profit. This is also one of POLFIAR's core values.

POLIFAR has a strict assessment of the service department. When signing an export contract with a customer, the service department must provide services to the customer:

Before delivery

carefully check the customs clearance information required by the customer

In delivery

update production status to customers every week

After delivery

update the shipping schedule to customers every week

After clearance

resolve customer complaints
Questions People Also Ask About Vitamin D3 Powder
  • How to store vitamin d3 powder?

    Stockpiled at a ventilated place, avoiding rain, moisture, and insolation. Please handle with care to prevent bag damage, and store away from toxic substances.

  • How to pack vitamin d3 powder?
    Net weight 25kg per bag or 25kg per drum.
  • What is the quality of vitamin d3 powder?

    Two years when properly stored.

  • Uses of vitamin d3 powder?

    The amount of vitamin D3 added in chicken feed is 3-5 grams per ton of concentrated feed. Although the added amount is not large, the role of vitamin D3 is very significant. The lack of vitamin D3 in chicken feed has many consequences.

    Generally speaking, vitamin D3 deficiency can be recovered after about 1 week after administration of vitamin D3 preparations. The feed supplemented with vitamin D3 must be fed simultaneously and continuously, and the addition rate in the feed must also be determined according to the requirements of different chicken breeds and different ages.

  • What are the hazards of lack of VD3?
    1. Bone mineralization
    Lack of vitamin D3 or lack of its metabolites can cause obstacles to the calcification process, which can lead to weak bones, especially in fast-growing chickens. The so-called "weak leg syndrome" in commercial broiler flocks is due to a certain extent that the biosynthesis of calcitriol is insufficient to meet the physiological needs of bone development. The most common symptoms in broiler flocks are tibial chondrodysplasia and femoral degeneration. Cage layer fatigue in commercial layer flocks is a direct consequence of damage to mineral metabolism. It is the result of insufficient minerals in the long bones of the hens before they reach the peak of laying. Cage layer fatigue occurs in older flocks It is caused by insufficient calcitriol synthesis. The affected chicken flocks characteristically produce eggs with inferior eggshell quality and exhibit low egg production to compensate for the loss of body calcium reserves.
    2. Reduced hatchability
    Breeding hens only transfer vitamin D3 into the egg yolk to meet the needs of embryonic development, and do not transfer vitamin D3 into the egg yolk. The embryo's kidney produces enzymes and ascorbic acid, which convert vitamin D3 into calcitriol. When the hen lacks vitamin D3, the amount of vitamin D3 transferred into the egg yolk will be reduced, thereby indirectly reducing the synthesis of calcitriol. If a sufficient amount of calcitriol is not synthesized, the embryo can not use the calcium and phosphorus reserves in the eggshell and regulate the calcification process. Poor calcification of embryonic bones can lead to soft beaks, and when the chicks are hatched, the chicks cannot peck their shells.
    3. Growth rate and feed utilization
    The adverse effect on growth rate and feed utilization rate is mainly due to the damage of long bones caused by mineral metabolism obstacles, which in turn will affect the chicken's exercise ability, which is not conducive to its search for feed and drinking water. The most sensitive stage for broilers is within 3-4 weeks of age because this stage is the stage where broilers grow the fastest and use the most effective feed.
    4. Decline in egg production
    Commercial laying hens will experience a sudden and sharp drop in laying rate due to the short-term exhaustion of body calcium reserves after the peak of laying. Such a drop in egg production rate can last for 3-4 weeks, and then it can gradually return to nearly normal with the reconstruction of the body's calcium reserves.
    5. Hypocalcemia
    Insufficient intake of vitamin D3 will lead to a decrease in calcitriol synthesis, and a decrease in plasma calcitriol level will harm the calcium balance in the body and cause hypocalcemia. This disease has been observed in commercial layer flocks and breeder flocks and is characterized by ataxia and paralysis.
    6. Embryonic death
    The skeletal development of the embryo is directly related to the vitamin D3 status of the breeding hens, especially the metabolites of vitamin D3, which are preferentially deposited in the egg yolk, to meet the needs of vitamin D3 for embryo development. During embryonic development, vitamin D3 in the egg yolk is converted into calcitriol in the embryo's kidney. Calcitriol can promote the body's use of calcium and phosphorus in eggshells, and regulate the calcium balance in the body and the calcification process of embryonic bones.
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