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  • What leads to livestock vitamin d3 powder deficiency?

    We often consume fruits and vegetables in order to obtain vitamins. Similarly, livestock also need to consume vitamin d3 to ensure healthy life activities. For livestock, vitamin d3 has the highest biological metabolism rate in this large family. Under the conditions of intensive raising, when farmers still feel a headache about how to ensure ventilation, not to mention allowing the livestock to get enough sunlight.

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  • What is the scope of application of L lysine hydrochloride?

    L lysine hydrochloride plays an important role in significantly simplifying the production process, saving a lot of capital investment, and balancing nutrition of livestock and poultry compound feed. From terrestrial livestock to aquatic ones, almost all can take in feed with feed grade L lysine hydrochloride. According to the survey, adding 0.2% lysine to the feed can increase daily weight gain by about 10%.

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  • What is the role of vitamin d3 in layer feed?

    Compared with feed additives research that has only been around for decades, our country has a long history of keeping poultry, and laying hens are one of important sources of income. Since laying hens have an important mission to produce eggs, their demand and consumption of vitamin d3 powder are very large, which determines that vitamin d3 plays an important role in layer feed.

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  • What is the role does l-threonine in feed play?

    L-Threonine is an element necessary for the growth of many livestock. After this point was discovered, feed grade L-Threonine became more and more popular, and people's interest in the application of crystalline L-Threonine in various livestock production has gradually increased. It continues to appear in domestic and foreign science and technology magazines.

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