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  • What is the role of vitamins in pig reproduction?

    Vitamins are one of the important factors affecting the reproductive function of pigs, and pig diets need to contain a certain amount of various vitamins. They promote the synthesis and degradation of major nutrients, thereby controlling the body's metabolism. Vitamin deficiency will affect the synthesis of coenzymes, lead to metabolic disorders, various diseases in animals, and also affect the reproductive function of animals.

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  • Effects of Feed Additives on Poultry

    Feed additives are small amounts of nutritive or non-nutritive substances added to the feed to meet the special needs of animals. The development of modern intensive aquaculture has made feed additives play an increasingly important role in poultry feed processing. Rational use of feed additives can increase feed utilization, prevent diseases, promote healthy growth of poultry, improve product quality, enhance product competitiveness, and create better economic efficiency.

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  • What does Choline chloride do

    Choline is an essential building block in humans and animals and is often referred to as the B vitamin or vitamin B4. Choline chloride is currently the most commonly used and most economical synthetic form of choline. It is a water-soluble vitamin product. It is a component of acetylcholine, lecithin and neurophosphonate in biological tissues. It can save methionine. Polifar Group Limited is dedicated to animal nutrition and can offer you a wide range of feed additives.

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  • Monocalcium phosphate in poultry feed

    Monocalcium phosphate is widely used as a feed additive for aquaculture animals and livestock and poultry breeding animals. POLIFAR GROUP LIMITED can provide you the MCP of the best quality.

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