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Everything has two sides, so as the feed additives. The preparation process of L-Threonine has been refined, so that its production cost has been rapidly reduced, so the price has also fallen. However, this also caused some farmers to misunderstand L-Threonine crystal. What are advantages of feed grade L-Threonine? Under what circumstances it will produce negative effects? How to use it correctly? All these problems are all concerned by farmers.



[Feed Additive News] Is l-threonine a restrictive amino acid?

Feed grade L-Threonine is often packed in common woven bags and placed in piles. Although it seems to us that livestock require little amount of L-Threonine, it is essential in reality. Because the synthetic amount of L-Threonine in livestock is not enough to meet their daily consumption, farmers need to choose appropriate method and amount according to the type and growth cycle of the livestock, preventing it from becoming a reason for restricting the growth of livestock.



[Feed Additive News] Is it safe to add l-threonine to feed?

No matter what kind of feed additives the farmers use, whether L-Threonine is imported or domestically produced, the key is ensuring health of the livestock in order to maximize production performance. If the L-Threonine crystal used is not safe, let alone increasing the production of meat, eggs, and milk, it will not even make the livestock reach their original level, even threaten their lives.



[Feed Additive News] What is structure of l-threonine?

Under the dual pressure of cost and environmental protection, feed additives have become a research hotspot in the field of animal nutrition since the 1990s. Many investigations and studies have found that using feed grade L-Threonine to replace part of the protein feed can improve the health of liv

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