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  • What is ascorbic acid used for in animals

    L-Ascorbic acid, also known as vitamin C, is a colorless, odorless, slightly acidic, water-soluble hexose derivative. It is an essential nutrient for animals, and plays an important role in promoting animal production performance and enhancing disease resistance. Studies have found that most aquatic

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  • How to Supplement Calcium to Laying Hens

    Calcium is the main component of egg shell, so to improve egg production, calcium is an essential nutrient. However, calcium supplementation for laying hens is not as much as possible, and attention should be paid to time and dosage. 1. Pay attention to the ratio of calcium to phosphorus: When suppl

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  • How to Improve the Nutritional Composition of Feed for Chicks

    Effective control of feed nutrients is the key to improving the growth and development quality of chicks. The improvement of feed combined with the growth and development speed of chicks can provide complete support for the optimization of chick feeding programs. Therefore, the innovation of chick f

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  • How to manage the nutrition of laying hens in summer

    The growth habits and intensive feeding of laying hens lead to heat stress in the high temperature environment in summer, resulting in a decrease in the egg production of laying hens. Therefore, when the high temperature weather in summer comes, it is necessary to strengthen the management of laying

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