Zinc Oxide
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Zinc Oxide

Recommended dosage: 

A large number of studies at home and abroad have shown that the addition of 2000-3000ppm of high zinc can effectively reduce the diarrhea of suckling piglets and at the same time increase the daily weight gain of suckling piglets. The amount of zinc added in the form of zinc oxide in the compound feed for the first 2 weeks after weaning of the piglets does not exceed 1600mg/kg (the weight of zinc oxide added per ton of full price material does not exceed 2KG)

Product Usage: 

  • Compared with other zinc sources, the cost of zinc oxide is significantly lower, which is beneficial to lower feed additive costs. The amount of zinc oxide is equivalent to 44% of zinc sulfate monohydrate and 28% of zinc sulfate heptahydrate. Zinc oxide as a zinc source is easier to be absorbed by animals than other zinc sources, and zinc supplementation has a good effect.

  • Zinc oxide is a source of dry powdered zinc, which has good stability in feed, does not contain water, does not agglomerate, and is invariant, which is convenient for feed processing and long-term storage. It has little effect on vitamins in feed.

  • Excessive addition of high zinc does not promote the growth of piglets. Excessive zinc-added feed is ingested by animals, and after being absorbed by the digestive tract, it is distributed in various tissues and organs of the body through the blood. Because these metals themselves cannot be decomposed or seldom absorbed, they are also rarely biotransformed by the animal body Toxicity, it gradually accumulates in the body, and exerts its toxic effect through the combination with the organic components of the body, and also causes environmental pollution.


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