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  • Characteristics and uses of premixes
    Mixed feed is a homogeneous mixture prepared with multiple additives of the same type or multiple additives of different types in a certain proportion. Although premixed feed accounts for a small proportion of complete feed, it plays an extremely important role in the feeding effect of complete feed. Scientific premix feed formulation is the key to premix production.
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  • 4 Suggestions for Solving Layer Premix Problems
    Premix is a feed intermediate made by uniformly mixing a variety of trace components (including various trace mineral elements, various vitamins, synthetic amino acids, certain drugs and other additives) with diluents or carriers as required. The product is the core part of full-price compound feed.
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  • What is premix feed
    Premix feed refers to a mixture that is uniformly stirred by one or more additive raw materials (or monomers) and a carrier or diluent (diluent, thinner), also known as additive premix. The purpose is to facilitate trace amounts of raw materials. Evenly dispersed in a large number of compound feeds. Premixed feeds cannot be fed directly to animals.
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