Sodium Bicarbonate
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Sodium Bicarbonate

Recommended dosage: 

  • In the feeding process of piglets, adding 0.5% baking soda to the diet of piglets can increase the feed intake of piglets, and can increase the weight gain by 10% than usual.

  • Adding 2% baking soda to the diet of postpartum suckling sows can enhance the sow's physique, strengthen the prevention of piglet yellow and white dysentery, and increase the survival rate of piglets by 5%.

Product Usage: 

  • Promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients in time, so as to improve the PH value of the feed and maintain it above 6 to facilitate the growth of fiber bacteria and improve metabolism.

  • PH value occurs and by changing the ratio of acetic acid to propionic acid in rumen volatile fatty acids, it is easy to produce and promote starch digestion. And promote PH value and buffer capacity through the intestine to adjust and enhance the body's immunity and anti-stress ability.

  • Sodium bicarbonate can facilitate the normal activity of the endocrine system, thereby enhancing the immunity of the animal body


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