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Feed Premix: 

Optimal Nutrition For Livestock And Aquatic Animal

Health And Disease Prevention

Supplement deficiencies in feed nutrients, promote animal growth and development, improve immunity and prevent diseases.

Bone Development And Muscle Function

Supplementing the mineral elements lacking in the livestock and poultry diets can increase the levels of trace elements in the livestock and poultry bodies and normalize the disordered substance metabolism in the body within a certain range. Promote bone development, increase growth rate, improve meat quality, eggshell quality and eggshell color.

Reproductive Performance

The reasonable proportion of feed and the balanced intake of nutrients can improve the production performance of livestock and poultry, such as weight gain, egg production rate, reproductive effect, etc.

Our Range Of Feed Premix

Vitamin Premix

Vitamin premix is a homogeneous mixture of one or more vitamins and carrier diluent in a certain proportion.

Trace Mineral Premix

Trace mineral premix is a homogeneous mixture of one or more trace mineral element compounds and a carrier or diluent in a certain proportion.

Compound Premix

Compound premix is a homogeneous mixture prepared in a certain proportion from any two or more types of components including trace elements, vitamins, amino acids and non-nutritional additives and a carrier or diluent.

Tailored Premix For Every Growth Stage

The following table is for swine premixes only. In addition to this, we offer other poultry premixes as well as aquatic animal premixes.
Specifications Pig Premix Series
Vitamin A/(KIU/kg) 260~3200 260~1300 260~1300 260~2400 260~1400
Vitamin D3/(KIU/kg) 30~2000 30~1000 30~1000 30~1000 30~1000
Vitamin E/(mg/kg)≥ 4000 3600 3000 4000 4000
Vitamin K3(MSB)/(mg/kg)≥ 400 260 200 800 800
Vitamin B1/(mg/kg)≥ 400 260 220 200 200
Vitamin B2/(mg/kg)≥ 840 600 560 1200 1200
Vitamin B6/(mg/kg)≥ 420 240 220 200 200
Vitamin B12/(mg/kg)≥
D-Biotin/(mg/kg)≥ 36 24 22 108 108
Folic Acid/(mg/kg)≥ 140 120 600 600
Nicotinamide/(mg/kg)≥ 4600 3400 3000 4000 4000
D-Calcium Pantothenate/(mg/kg)≥ 1600 1100 960 2400 2400
Mn/(mg/kg) 3000~30000 4000~30000 4000~30000 5000~30000 5000~30000
Fe/(mg/kg) 5000~150000 7000~150000 7000~150000 6000~150000 6000~150000
Zn/(mg/kg) 4000~320000 6000~22000 6000~16000 6000~20000 6000~20000
Cu/(mg/kg) 600~25000 600~25000 600~5000 300~5000 300~5000

Types Of Animal Feed Premix

Custom Blends For Breeding Farms

 Customization and Precision
Provide comprehensive nutritional ingredients and balanced nutritional ratios to meet the nutritional needs of different animals at different growth stages.

Efficiency and Cost Savings
It is easy to use, quick to batch, and evenly mixed, which improves feed utilization and reduces feed costs.

Sustainability and Long-Term Success
By realizing the efficient, healthy and sustainable development of livestock and poultry production, we can provide more, better and safer meat products for mankind.
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