Zinc Carbonate
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Zinc Carbonate

Recommended dosage: 

Chicken 0.05~0.1kg/1000kg; sheep: 0.03kg/1000kg;

High-yielding dairy cows 0.06kg/1000kg; breeding rams, cows with empty arms 0.03~0.05kg/1000kg; calves, breeding young cows 0.03~0.06kg/1000kg; adult beef cattle 0.09kg/1000kg; fattening beef cattle 0.04~0.06kg/1000kg; piglets within 20kg 0.05~0.06kg/1000kg; 20~50kg pigs and pregnant sows 0.04~0.05kg/1000kg; 50~100kg pigs 0.03~0.05kg/1000kg; lactating sow 0.04~0.06kg/1000kg.

Product Usage:

Special basic zinc carbonate is used as a skin protectant in medicine, as a zinc supplement in feed, and as a light sword collecting agent and in industry.

Latex products, formulated calamine lotion, can also be used to produce rayon, fertilizer industry desulfurizers, the main raw material of catalyst.

It can also be widely used in rubber products and other chemical products.

POLIFAR basic zinc carbonate is used to supplement zinc in feed. Zinc is one of the trace elements necessary for animal life, and it is Activities, ensuring normal development, and immune regulation play an important role. It exists widely in all tissues of animal body Among cells, necessary for cell growth, the highest concentration is bone, liver, and fur. Most mammals and poultry contain zinc in 10 Within the range of 100mg/kg, the average is 30mg/kg. Animal growth, reproduction, appetite, vision, healing, synthesis, immunosuppression, hormone activity is related to zinc.


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