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Recommended dosage:

  1. Only use urea in the diet of cattle over 6 months old and sheep over 3 months old;

  2. The amount of urea in the diet is generally not more than 1% of the dry matter of the diet, or 15-20 grams per 100kg of body weight;

  3. The amount of urea should be gradually increased, and there should be a 2-4 week adaptation period;

  4. Urea should not be fed alone, and should be mixed with other starch-rich raw materials and fed together;

  5. Urea should be mixed with cereals or hay. It is forbidden to dissolve urea in water and drink it. After feeding urea for 1 hour, drink water to cattle;

  6. Urea cannot be used with raw soybean or soybean meal with high urease content.

Product Usage: 

  1. The amount of urea should not exceed 1/3 of the total nitrogen requirement and 1% of the dry matter of the diet.

  2. Because urea is hygroscopic and easily decomposes into ammonia, it cannot be fed alone or dissolved in water, and cannot drink water for 2 hours after feeding.

  3. Urea has poor palatability. It is best to add it to mixed concentrate or feed with mineral feed such as starch feed and salt to make urea mineral feed licking bricks for cattle to lick and reduce the speed of intake.

  4. When urea is added to the feed, raw bean cake cannot be fed at the same time, because the raw bean cake contains urease, which accelerates the decomposition of urea in the presence of water, causing loss.

  5. The total amount of urea fed daily is divided into multiple feedings, which is conducive to stabilizing the concentration of ammonia in the rumen and avoiding waste or poisoning. Although urea is a good protein supplement feed, it can provide nitrogen to cattle, but it cannot provide other nutrients. Therefore, when supplementing protein with urea, energy, minerals and vitamins must be supplemented at the same time. In order to receive the due effect.


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