Zinc Sulfate
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Zinc Sulfate

Recommended dosage:

Generally, the amount of zinc sulfate monohydrate added to each kilogram of feed is: 50 mg to 60 mg of hogs within 20 kg, and 40 mg to 50 mg and 50 kg to 100 kg of hogs for pregnant sows of 20 kg to 50 kg. Add 30 mg to 50 mg, lactating sows add 40 mg to 60 mg; breeding rams add 30 mg to 50 mg; calves and breeding calves add 30 mg to 60 mg, fattening calves add 40 mg to 60 mg , Adult cattle and beef cattle add 90 mg, beef calves add 100 mg; sheep add 30 mg; poultry add 50 mg-100 mg.

If the livestock and poultry have appeared zinc deficiency symptoms, the amount of addition can be increased by 0.5 times to 1 times. While adding zinc sulfate or zinc carbonate to the livestock and poultry feed, the calcium and zinc intake of the livestock and poultry should also be adjusted to keep the calcium content in the feed at a level of 0.65% to 0.75%.

Product Usage: 

Feed grade zinc sulfate monohydrate is used as a supplement to zinc for animal nutrition. Zinc is a component of many enzymes, proteins, and ribose in animals. It not only participates in the metabolism of DNA, RNA, proteins, sugars, and lipids, but also Insulin and prostaglandins. The biosynthesis and utilization of livestock and poultry body proteins, the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids, the mutual conversion of pyruvate and lactic acid, the normal development of fur and bones, the reproduction function, the formation of the taste system and the normal function of cardiovascular Important role.


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