Copper Sulfate
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Copper Sulfate

Recommended dosage:

Piglets: 600-800g/ton, fattening pigs: 40-140g/ton, breeding pigs: 40-140g/ton, chickens: 20-140g/ton, cattle 40-140g/ton, sheep 40-100g/ton, deer: 15-40g/ton.

Product Usage:

Adding appropriate amount of copper sulfate pentahydrate to the pig feed can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the feed by the pigs, promote antibacterial and growth, and promote the secretion of growth hormone. The high copper feed can make the piglets resist diarrhea, accelerate growth, bright red hair, feces Blackened.

The effect of adding copper sulfate pentahydrate to chicken feed is to promote bone development and improve feather pigments, maintain blood vessel elasticity, promote iron synthesis of heme, and promote red blood cell maturation. If copper is lacking in chicken feed, it will cause anemia, skeletal abnormalities and other diseases. 

Copper is the most susceptible mineral element in cattle and sheep feed except phosphorus. Copper deficiency in cattle and sheep feed will cause cattle and sheep to suffer from ataxia, discoloration of coat, cardiovascular disease and low fertility symptoms.

Adding copper to the sika deer feed can improve the digestive function of the sika deer's gastrointestinal tract, and adding copper can improve the digestive capacity of protein, phosphorus, fiber, etc.


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