Which exhibitions has POLIFAR participated in?
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Which exhibitions has POLIFAR participated in?

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POLIFAR GROUP LIMITED established in 2000, is a production and trade association with import and export rights approved by the State Administration of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the General Administration of Customs. We focus on the research and development, sales and technical services of food additives and feed additives. In order to develop the international market, POLIFAR has passed the FAMIQS certification, and has won the affirmation and recognition of customers in the European market with its excellent quality. In addition, POLIFAR has been actively participating in domestic and foreign exhibitions related to the poultry and livestock industry, showing our products and strength to the world through exhibitions, and has established close cooperative relations with customers in many regions. 

Polifar Exhibition

Below is the exhibition information:

Jun. 2017    South Africa Poultry and Livestock Exhibition

Jul. 2018     Australia International livestock poultry exhibition


Nov. 2018    Germany Hannover EUROTIER International Livestock Exhibition

Mar. 2019    ASIA (THAILAND) VIV

Mar. 2019    Bangladesh International Poultry Expo

Jun. 2019     Turkey VIV

Sep. 2019     QINGDAO VIV ASIA



Jan. 2020     IPPE at Atlanda, U.S.A

Sep. 2020     QINGDAO VIV ASIA

Sep. 2021     QINGDAO VIV ASIA

As a result, it quickly entered the market in more than 40 countries and regions such as North America, Australia, the Middle East and Africa.

If you need food ingredients, feed additives, or feed premix, please feel free to contact us. We have an excellent technical team, which can be designed according to customers' requirements.
  • Feed Additives:86-25-83463431
    Food Additives:86-25-84431783
  • Feed Additives:sales@polifar.com
    Food Additives:food.sales@polifar.com
  • Head Office: Room 512, Building B-1, Greenland Window Business Plaza, No. 2 Jinlan Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing

    Guangzhou Branch Office: Room 801, Deshun Building, No. 70, Huizhi 3rd Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou
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We have an excellent technical team.
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