Why is proteinic trace element feed popular?
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Why is proteinic trace element feed popular?

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Why is proteinic trace element feed popular?

With the rapid development of China's aquaculture industry, domestic and foreign research on protein feed for aquaculture has become more and more intensive. Protein feed has been widely used in the production of various types of compound feed, and a large number of research results have been obtained. At present, with the development of e-commerce and the increase in feed products and manufacturers, the feed market has gradually transitioned to the e-commerce market. More users and manufacturers prefer to display feed and protein feed products through animal husbandry and commerce websites such as China Animal Husbandry Street. And trade, choose a protein feed product that's right for your own animal.


This article contains the following:

  • What is protainic trace element feed

  • Features of protainic tace element feed

  • The role of protein feeds

1.What is protainic trace element feed

Protein feed refers to beans, cakes, fish meal, etc., with a natural moisture content of less than 45%, crude fiber in dry matter and less than 18%, and crude protein content in dry matter reaching or exceeding 20%. There are four major categories of vegetable and animal protein feeds.

The nitrogen compounds in the feed are called "crude proteins", and are not proteins in the complete sense. They also contain other complex proteins, peptides, amino acids, amides, nitrates, etc. Almost all protein feeds in the feed industry are Nitrogen compounds of mature seed fruits and processed products of seeds are mainly proteins. Another limitation of protein feed is that the crude fiber content is below 18%, which means that the protein feed contains a considerable amount of available energy.

According to the main source, protein feed can be divided into four categories: vegetable protein feed, animal protein feed, single cell protein feed and non-protein nitrogen feed.


2.Features of protainic tace element feed

1. High protein content. Except for dairy products and bone meal, the protein content is 27.8% ~ 30.1%, others are above 50%, and most of them are particularly good in quality. They are rich in various essential amino acids, especially those lacking in plant-based feed. There are more lysine, methionine and tryptophan.

2.This kind of feed contains very little nitrogen-free extract (except dairy products), the crude fiber is almost equal to zero, some fat content is high, and the protein content is high, so their energy value is high, the digestive energy of pigs is as high as 16720 Coke ~ 20900 Coke, its energy value is second only to grease.

3.The ash content is high, the calcium and phosphorus are rich, and the ratio is good, which is conducive to the absorption and utilization of raised animals. At the same time, the animal protein feed also contains rich vitamins, especially vitamins B2 and B12.

The protein feed is high in content and rich in nutrients, which is conducive to the absorption and utilization of breeding animals. In addition, this type of feed also has a special nutritional effect, that is, it contains an unknown growth factor, which can promote the utilization of nutrients by animals to varying degrees Earth stimulates growth and reproduction, which cannot be replaced by other nutrients.


3.The role of protein feeds

It has been scientifically proven that protein is one of the most important material foundations of life activities, and holds a special position in the nutrition of livestock and poultry. When it functions, other nutrients cannot be replaced. Its main nutritional effects are as follows:

First, it is the most basic substance constituting the carcass.

Second, it is a substance necessary for life activities.

Three, can decompose energy supply.

Forth,The basis of genetic material.

Fifth, it is an important component of various animal products.

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