Stabilizer and thickener Sodium alginate CAS 9005-38-3
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  • Quality Assurance


  • Package

    Phosphate: 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag, 1100kg/bag, 1200kg/bag, 1250kg/bag or as your request.
    Trace element: 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag, 1200kg/bag, 1350kg/bag or as your request.
    Amino acid:25kg/bag, 600kg/bag or as your request.
    Vitamin:1kg/bag, 25kg/bag, 25kg/drum ect.
    Protein: 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag, 600kg/bag, Unpackaged or as your request.
  • Delivery Time

    About 10-30days.
  • Modes of transport

    By air, by sea or by train.

  • Payment Term

    Pre-T/T OR LC at sight.
  • Packaging and storage

    Most pre-mixed packaging bags use three-in-one paper bags, which have the advantages of waterproof, light-proof, no leakage and not easy to damage. Generally 20-25 kg/bag. Since the premix contains a variety of active micro-components, the chance of their interaction will increase, so care should be taken to prevent moisture during storage.
  • Measurement and mixing

    For the measurement of micro-components, electronic scales should be used, accurate to 0.01 grams, and large amounts of raw materials can be used on scales. There are many kinds of mixers. Ordinary vertical mixers are prone to shortcomings such as automatic separation and slow discharge speed due to their slow feeding speed. It is best to use a horizontal double ribbon mixer or a cone mixer.
  • Amino acid addition problem

    Many experiments have confirmed that adding rumen bypass methionine and lysine can increase milk production and economic benefits. This can be added by dairy farms according to specific conditions.
  • Stability of trace components

    Under normal storage and use conditions, the physical and chemical properties of trace elements, vitamins and other components in the premix are stable, but when the moisture content is high, the stability is poor and the loss rate is large. Strictly control the water content of the premix, preferably not more than 5%.
  • Production technology

    Prevent and reduce the loss of active ingredients and ensure the stability and effectiveness of the premix. Choose raw materials with good stability. In terms of vitamins, it is better to choose stabilized raw materials; when using sulfate trace elements, the crystal water should be minimized, or oxides should be used instead, organic trace elements can also be selected; control choline chloride The amount of alkali, because of its strong water absorption, has a destructive effect on vitamins; vitamins should be added in excess, especially when the storage time exceeds 3 months; good quality antioxidants, anti-caking agents, and anti-fungal agents should be added.

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Stabilizer and thickener Sodium alginate CAS 9005-38-3

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Quick Details

CAS No.:9005-38-3Other Names:Algin
MF:C5H7O4COONaEINECS No.:618-415-6
Place of Origin:ChinaType:Food grade, Feed grade

Emulsifiers, Stabilizers, Thickeners

Brand Name:polifar
Model Number:

Food Ingredients

Appearance:white or yellowish granular or powder
Shelf Life:2 yearsMOQ:1kg
Sample:Free, ≤100g
Criteria Implemented: GB 1886.243 - 2016

Supply Ability

Supply Ability700,000 kg per month

Packaging & Delivery

Product Packaging: Our regular package is 25kg/ Drum or 25kg/bag
Product Storage: Stockpiled at the ventilated place, avoiding rain, moisture and insolation. Please handle with care to prevent bag damage, away from toxic substances.


Delivery:About 1 - 2 week

Product Properties

    Food grade sodium alginate:

    Sodium alginate is used as a stabilizer for ice cream instead of starch and gelatin. It can control the formation of ice crystals and improve the taste of ice cream. It can also stabilize mixed beverages such as sorbet, sherbet, and frozen milk. Many dairy products, such as refined cheese, whipped cream, dried cheese, etc., use the stabilizing effect of sodium alginate to prevent the stickiness of food and packaging. It can be used as a cover for dairy accessories to stabilize it and prevent frosting The skin is cracked.

    Sodium alginate is used as a thickener for salad (a cold dish) sauce, pudding (a sweet dessert), jam, tomato sauce and canned products to improve the stability of the product and reduce liquid leakage.

    Adding sodium alginate in the production of dried noodles, vermicelli, and rice noodles can improve the adhesion of the product structure, make it strong in tension, large in bending, and reduce the rate of broken ends, especially for the low gluten content of flour, the effect is more obvious. Adding sodium alginate to bread, cakes and other products can improve the uniformity and water retention of the internal tissue of the product, and extend the storage time. Adding to frozen dessert products can provide a thermal fusion protective layer, improve the fragrance escape, and improve the performance of the melting point.


Appearancewhite or yellowish granular or powder
Assay(on dry basis)≥ 98.0 %
Viscosity (1% solution)300 - 500 mpa.s
Insoluble matter in water≤ 0.6 %
Moisture≤ 15 %
PH6.0 - 8.0
Heavy Metals (as Pb)≤ 4 mg/kg
Arsenic (as As)≤ 2 mg/kg
Size mesh99.6% through 80 mesh


Q:What certifications does the company have? How to ensure quality?


Q:What transportation methods does the company have?

A:By air, by sea or by train.

Q:What is the payment method?

A:pre-T/T, after-T/T, LC, DP, DA, OA, DDU, DDP, Western Union  Paypal.

Q:What documents can we supply?

A:Commerical Invoice, packing list, certificate of analysis, certificate of origin, health certificate issued by CIQ with embassy legalized, bill of loading, ISO, FAMIQS, SGS, FDA etc. The documents will be sent by express delivery within 24hours against your full payment.


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