What is the meaning of citric acid?
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What is the meaning of citric acid?

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citric acid is the largest organic acid produced by biochemical methods in the world. citric acid and salts are one of the pillar products of the fermentation industry and are mainly used in the food industry, such as acidulants, solubilizers, buffers, antioxidants, Deodorant, flavor enhancer, gelling agent, toner, etc.

  • What are the applications of citric acid in food additives?

  • What does citric acid do for cleaning?

  • What is the role of citric acid in animal farming?

What are the applications of citric acid in food additives?

As a food additive, citric acid is mainly used in carbonated beverages, fruit juice beverages, lactic acid beverages and other refreshing beverages and pickled products, and its demand varies with seasonal climate changes. citric acid accounts for about 2/3 of the total consumption of sour agents. The addition of citric acid to canned fruit can maintain or improve the flavor of the fruit, increase the acidity (lower pH) of certain fruits with lower acidity when canned, weaken the heat resistance and inhibit the growth of microorganisms, and prevent the Bacterial bloating and damage that often occurs in canned fruit. Adding citric acid as a sour agent in candy is easy to harmonize with the fruity taste. The use of citric acid in gel food jams and jelly can effectively reduce the negative charge of pectin, so that the intermolecular hydrogen bonds of pectin can gel. When processing canned vegetables, some vegetables show an alkaline reaction. Using citric acid as a pH adjuster can not only play a seasoning role, but also maintain its quality. citric acid has the properties of chelation and pH adjustment, which can increase the performance of antioxidants in the processing of quick-frozen food, inhibit the activity of enzymes, and prolong the shelf life of food.

What does citric acid do for cleaning?

1. citric acid cleaning pipeline

This is the latest cleaning technology for high-impurity hard water. It uses food-grade citric acid to soften stubborn scale, and then uses a microcomputer to control the water flow and pneumatics to generate water flow shocks, so that the old scale in the water pipe is peeled off and the water pipe is smooth and clean.

2. Compound surfactant to clean gas water heater

The chemical cleaning agent formulated with citric acid, AES and benzotriazole is used to clean the gas water heater that has been used for many years. The cleaning agent is injected into the inverted water heater, soaked for 1 hour, poured out the cleaning liquid, rinsed with clean water, and reused the water heater. Under the same flow rate, the outlet water temperature is increased by 5°C to 8°C.

3. Clean the water dispenser

Dilute with edible citric acid (powder) with water, pour it into the heating liner of the water dispenser, and soak for about 20 minutes. Finally, rinse the inner tank repeatedly with clean water until it is clean, non-toxic and effective.

What is the role of citric acid in animal farming?

citric acid is formed by carboxylation of acetyl-CoA and oxaloacetate in the body's tricarboxylic acid cycle, and participates in the metabolism of sugar, fat and protein in the body. Natural citric acid exists in the bones, muscles, and blood of plants (such as lemons, citrus, pineapples, etc.) and animals, and artificially synthesized by fermentation of sugar-containing substances such as sugar, molasses, starch, and grapes. Adding citric acid to compound feed can disinfect, prevent mildew, and prevent salmonella and other infection of animal feed. The intake of citric acid by animals can reduce the proliferation of pathogens and inhibit the production of toxic metabolites, and improve animal stress.

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