What is the meaning of aspartame?
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What is the meaning of aspartame?

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The chemical formula of aspartame is C14H18N2O5. It is available at room temperature as a white powder. It is a natural functional oligosaccharide with high sweetness, does not melt easily and is caries-free. It can be eaten by diabetics.

  • What chemical properties does aspartame have?

  • What are the benefits of aspartame?

  • What should I pay attention to when using aspartame?

What chemical properties does aspartame have?

Aqueous aspartame solution can be hydrolyzed under certain temperature and acidic pH conditions to form aspartylphenylalanine and methanol. Under neutral, alkaline (pH-7) or thermal conditions or by cyclization, methanol is broken down to form cycloaspartylphenylalanine. Ultimately, aspartyl phenylalanine further hydrolyzes to form 2-separate amino acids – aspartic acid and phenylalanine.

aspartame has a half-life of up to 300 days and is most stable in an environment with a pH value of 3 to 5; at a pH of 7, the half-life is only a few days. The sweetness properties of aspartame differ from those of sucrose. The sweetness of aspartame is longer than that of sucrose and there is no bitter aftertaste or metallic smell after eating. In addition, aspartame can be quickly metabolized in the human body and broken down to natural odors. Partic acid, phenylalanine and methyl ester, the content of methyl ester is extremely low, the metabolism is fast and can be quickly absorbed by the human body, which is not easy to recognize.

What are the benefits of aspartame?

Taste enhancing properties

aspartame has a synergistic effect on certain food and beverage flavors, especially acidic fruit flavors. The sensory evaluation showed that it synergised better with natural flavors than with synthetic flavors. In some foods, this flavor enhancing property can reduce the amount of aspartame used and also meet some special requirements of products such as chewing gum. aspartame-based chewing gum lasts four times longer than sucrose. When aspartame is mixed with some slightly less sweet sweeteners or some salts, it is easy to change its persistent sweet properties and taste, which must be taken into account when formulating food.

What should I pay attention to when using aspartame?

aspartame solution and white crystalline sugar solution with the same sweetness were prepared at room temperature, sealed and heated to different temperatures each for 30 minutes, and a sensory evaluation was performed to assess whether heating had an effect on the sweetness of the aspartame solution. Five temperature groups were taken as measuring temperature of aspartame between 100℃ and 120℃ on average. It was found that with increasing temperature, the sweetness of aspartame gradually decreased, and when it reached 120 ℃, the sweetness of aspartame went to zero. This result also proves to some extent that aspartame is unstable under high temperature conditions and storage under high temperature conditions should be avoided.

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