What is the meaning of sorbitol?
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What is the meaning of sorbitol?

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The molecular formula of sorbitol is C6H14O6, which is the main product of photosynthesis of rosaceae plants. It is white hygroscopic powder or crystalline powder, flakes or granules, odorless. Depending on crystallization conditions, the melting point varies between 88 and 102 °C and the relative density is approximately 1.49.

  • What are the uses of sorbitol?

  • Is sorbitol harmful to the human body?

  • What are the applications of sorbitol in life?

What are the uses of sorbitol?

1.Synthesizing resins and plastics, separating and analyzing low-boiling oxygen-containing compounds, etc. sorbitol is also used as a fixative, thickener, hardener, insecticide, etc. used for gas chromatography.

2.Sorbitol is used as a stationary liquid for gas chromatography for separation and analysis of low boiling oxygen compounds, amine compounds, nitrogen or oxygen heterocycles. Also used in organic synthesis.

3.Used as a moisture conditioner for toothpaste, cosmetics and tobacco. sorbitol is a substitute for glycerin with milder moisturizing properties and a better taste than glycerin. Can be used in combination with other moisturizers for synergistic effects. It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry as a raw material for the production of vitamin C.

4. Diuretic dewatering agent. sorbitol is used to treat brain edema and increased brain pressure, to treat increased intraocular pressure in glaucoma, and edema and oliguria in normal heart and kidney function.

5. Water retention agent. The ratio of sucrose 2,1%+ sorbitol 3,15%+ complex phosphate 1,00% can effectively reduce the water activity of dried fish fillets and increase the activity of Ca-ATPase.

Is sorbitol harmful to the human body?

Whether sorbitol is harmful to the human body or not depends on the amount.

1. Taking too much sorbitol can cause diarrhea and indigestion.

2.Sorbitol is insoluble in organic solvents, it has good acid resistance and heat resistance, and it is not easy to have a Maillard reaction with amino acids and proteins. After the Maillard reaction, the combination of amino acids and sugars causes the loss of nutrients, and the combination of proteins and sugars leads to the disappearance of nutrients, and the nutrients are not digested by the human body, accompanied by the production of toxic substances.

What are the applications of sorbitol in life?

1. Sorbitol can be used as a raw material for the production of vitamin C. sorbitol can be obtained by fermentation and chemical synthesis. My country's toothpaste industry has started using sorbitol instead of glycerin, and the addition amount is 5% to 8% (the foreign addition amount is 16%). In the production of baked goods, sorbitol has a moisturizing and refreshing effect, thus extending the shelf life of food.

2.Sorbitol can also be used as starch stabilizer and moisture regulator, aroma preservative, antioxidant and freshness preservative for fruit products. It is also widely used as sugar-free chewing gum, wine flavoring agent and food sweetener for diabetics.

3.Sorbitol is mainly used as plasticizer, moisture regulator and lubricant in cosmetics industry, and is widely used in the formulation of toothpaste, emulsion, mouthwash, perfume, deodorant paste, etc. used. Since sorbitol is superior to glycerin in its antibacterial action, the addition of concentrated sorbitol solutions to ointments or plasticizers can improve performance.

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