What is the meaning of fumaric acid?
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What is the meaning of fumaric acid?

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fumaric acid is an important organic basic chemical raw material and fine chemical product. Food-grade fumaric acid is mainly used as an acidity regulator, and can also be used as an anti-thermal oxidation aid, a pickling accelerator, an antifungal agent, a preservative, and a spice.

  • What is the agriculture use of fumaric acid?

  • What are the roles of fumaric acid in industry?

  • What are the fumarate products?

What is the agriculture use of fumaric acid?

fumaric acid is a reddish-brown solid powder. Ferrous fumarate can prevent iron-deficiency anemia in various animals, reduce diarrhea, improve the survival rate of livestock and poultry, reduce dystocia, stillbirth and abortion, improve animal immunity, disease resistance, promote animal growth and development, and make physique strong , The skin and hair are rosy and shiny, improve daily weight gain, egg production rate, reduce broken and soft shell eggs, and improve the quality of animal products.

What are the roles of fumaric acid in industry?

fumaric acid is used to produce unsaturated polyester resins, which are characterized by good chemical corrosion resistance and heat resistance; the copolymer of fumaric acid and vinyl acetate is a good adhesive, The copolymer with styrene is the raw material for the manufacture of FRP, and the plasticizer obtained from fumaric acid is non-toxic and can be used for vinyl acetate latex in contact with food. This product is an intermediate of fine chemicals such as pharmaceuticals and optical bleaching agents. It is used in the production of pharmaceutical dimercaptosuccinic acid in the pharmaceutical industry. Neutralizing fumaric acid with sodium carbonate can obtain sodium fumarate, and then Ferric fumarate is obtained by replacing with ferrous sulfate, which is a drug used to treat microcytic anemia. As a food additive - acidulant, this product is used in refreshing beverages, fruit candy, jelly, ice cream, etc. Most of them are used in combination with acidulant citric acid, fumaric acid and sodium hydroxide are reacted with monosodium salt, It is also used as a sour condiment, and as an intermediate for synthetic resins and mordants.

What are the fumarate products?

Dibutyl fumarate and dioctyl fumarate are used in the copolymerization of polyvinyl acetate, butene, isobutylene, butadiene, acrylates, methacrylates, and can be made into lubricating oil and producing lubricating oil and fuel oil of additives. fumaric acid is the newly developed food anti-mildew and preservative.

The addition products of fumaric acid esters and oleic acid esters and stearic acid esters are also used for polyvinyl chloride derivatives, and are also used as plasticizers and stabilizers for polyvinyl chloride resins.

The product obtained by the addition of dioctyl fumarate and sodium japonica is widely used as a wetting agent (surfactant) in the pharmaceutical tableting and textile industries.

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