What is the main function of inositol
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What is the main function of inositol

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Inositol, also known as cyclohexyl alcohol, is widely distributed in animals and plants. It is a growth factor of animals and microorganisms, which was first isolated from myocardium and liver. There are multiple cis and trans isomers of inositol in nature, and the naturally occurring isomer is cis-1,2,3,5-trans-4,6-cyclohexanehexanol.

This article explains the function of inositol from the following aspects:

1.Pharmaceutical industry

Creatine can be used to produce inositol tablets, inositol nicotinate, and triglycerides to treat hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, and hypercholesterolemia in the blood. Nicotinic acid inositol lipid uses nicotinic acid, phosphorus oxychloride, and inositol as raw materials, first reacts nicotinic acid with phosphorus oxychloride to prepare nicotinic acid chloride, and then reacts with inositol to obtain the finished product.

Fluoro-inositol is a newly developed product with anti-cancer, cancer-curing and highly effective immune functions. The chemically synthesized paclitaxel has poor anti-cancer effect; but after it is modified with inositol, the anti-cancer effect is better than natural products.


2.Food industry

Inositol is a kind of "bioactive factor", which participates in the metabolic activities in the body, and has various functions such as immunity, prevention and treatment of certain diseases. In the fermentation and food industry, it can be used to cultivate various strains and promote the growth of yeast, etc. If the higher animals lack inositol, there will be phenomena such as growth stagnation and hair loss. The human body needs 1-2g of inositol every day, and many health drinks and children's foods are added with trace amounts of inositol.

Inositol is also a growth factor for certain microorganisms in the intestine. When other vitamins are deficient, it can stimulate the deficient microorganisms to synthesize vitamins.

3.Feed industry

Inositol should be supplemented in the feed of fish and aquatic animals, rare birds, fur animals, cats, dogs, etc. In prawn and fish feed, the amount of inositol added is usually 300-500 mg/kg. It is generally recommended that the amount of fish and salmon feed added is 1000 mg/kg, eel and carp 150 mg/kg, otherwise inositol deficiency will occur. Practice has proved that adding inositol to the feed can promote the growth of livestock and prevent death, and the amount added is usually 0.2%-0.5% of the feed.


4.Other aspects

Deep processing of inositol can be made into inositol methyl ether, inositol peptide, inositol organic acid ester, inositol inorganic acid ester, halogenated inositol, phosphoinositol lipid, aminocyclitol and other products. It has great practical value in industries such as medicine, electric power, transportation, energy, electronics, and chemical industry.

To sum up: the main function of inositol is

1. Lower cholesterol;

2. Promote the growth of healthy hair and prevent hair loss;

3. Prevent eczema;

4. Help the redistribution of body fat;

5. Has a sedative effect;

6. Inositol and chofalin are combined to make vitellin;

7. Inositol plays an important role in supplying nutrients to brain cells.

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