Precautionary measures of vitamin adverse reaction
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Precautionary measures of vitamin adverse reaction

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Precautionary measures of vitamin adverse reaction

With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of economic globalization, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality and safety of livestock and poultry products. High-quality livestock products need to be guaranteed with efficient and safe feed. Feed safety has become an important link and source of animal food safety.

This article contains the following:

  • Definition

  • Precautionary measures  

  • Matters needing attention



Adverse reactions (adrs) are defined as reactions that occur after the use of a drug that are inconsistent with the intended use and cause discomfort or pain. Side Effects, toxic reactions, allergic reactions, after effects, secondary effects, idiosynchronic reactions, and the effects of "Sanzhi" (carcinogenesis, teratogenesis, mutagenesis) are the main adverse reactions. It is usually predictable, but some are inevitable and some are difficult to recover from.Side effects of vitaminB1 : (1) normal dose has no toxicity to normal kidney function. HIGH-DOSE I.V.S can cause anaphylaxis. 2 when large dosage was used, the concentration of theophylline in serum could be interfered, the concentration of uric acid could be pseudo-increased, and the urine bile could be pseudo-positive. 3 Vitamin B1 is recommended before injection of Glucose for treatment of Wernicke's encephalopathy. 4 anaphylaxis produced by large doses of Vitamin B1 outside the stomach can be treated with epinephrine.Side effects of vitamin B12: 1. Can Cause allergic reactions and even anaphylaxis. 2. Promote the growth of malignant tumor. 3. Encounter vitamin C, heavy metal salts failure.


2、Precautionary measures

Like a complex chemical plant, animals are constantly undergoing various biochemical reactions, which are closely related to the catalysis of biological enzymes. In order for an enzyme to be active, it must have coenzyme. Many vitamins are known to be coenzymes of enzymes or components of coenzymes. Therefore, the vitamin is maintains and regulates the organism normal metabolism the important material.

The control measures should be diversified and green feed should be supplemented appropriately. Model animal farm to prepare full - price compound feed, appropriate to add a variety of vitamins or vitamin additives. If the occurrence of vitamin deficiency, according to the symptoms, determine the lack of species, supplement the vitamin rich feed, additives or drugs. Vitamin A, D deficiency, can be intramuscular injection or oral cod liver oil; Or fish liver oil; Vitamin A and D powder was mixed into the feed for feeding. Vitamin E deficiency, supplement vitamin E powder or sodium selenite vitamin E.


3、Matters needing attention

Higher levels of a single vitamin are not necessarily better. Actually each animal's need for vitamin has the scope of a science, a vitamin monomer overdose may affect the metabolism of other vitamins and nutrients, cause a bad reaction by the person the body, some vitamin overdose may cause poisoning, is also a kind of waste, so scientific and reasonable dosage is the most important thing.

Of course, the better the smell, the better.Most vitamin monomers have a slightly acidic odor, and a normal multivitamin premix should be slightly acidic (vitamin fragrance). Many manufacturers added a large number of fragrance agents in the multivitamins, most of the fragrance agent is to meet the customer's sense of smell, is not feeding animals really like the taste, sometimes even affect the intake of food, still some unreasonable flavor agents will have an impact on the stability of the vitamin.

Nowadays vitamin feed products are widely used, it is undoubtedly necessary to understand the adverse reactions and preventive measures of vitamin feed products.

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