Is amino acid an essential element?
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Is amino acid an essential element?

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Is amino acid an essential element?

Adding amino acids to feed has been widely adopted. Generally, the content of lysine and methionine in plant feeds based on cereals and soybean meal is relatively low, which can not meet the needs of animals. Adding amino acids can greatly save the amount of protein, reduce feeding costs, and improve animal production efficiency.The protein in animal products comes from the protein in the feed. The lack of feed ingredients, especially the lack of protein feed is the main factor restricting the development of animal husbandry. The use of amino acids in feed opens up other protein resources than conventional protein, and opens a way to resolve the contradiction between the development of animal husbandry and the lack of protein feed.


This article contains the following:

  • Save protein and improve feed utilization efficiency

  • Improve physical fitness and promote absorption

  • Resist stress

Save protein and improve feed utilization efficiency

(1) Meet animal needs to promote animal growth, improve amino acid balance, increase feed utilization, and save protein resources. The addition of restricted amino acids can improve the balance of amino acids in the diet, so as to give full play to the role of other amino acids. It is not necessary to increase the protein content to meet the animal's needs for amino acids, save protein resources, promote animal growth, and improve the wording day. Grain utilization.

  Production practice and word culture experiments have proven that lysine and methionine are usually the restricted amino acids of farmed animals. Small additions can promote the production of farmed animals and improve the utilization of word materials.

(2) Improving the nutritional value of plant proteins and their lexicons is conducive to the development of protein feed resources. A large number of research results have shown that it is feasible to use a combination of several meal meals as a source of protein and to add restricted amino acids instead of fishmeal.

  Plant-based feed has been used in many areas. For some plant protein corpus with low utilization rate, adding restricted amino acids can improve the utilization rate of protein and its corpus, which will expand the source of protein corpus.


Improve physical fitness and promote absorption

Adding lysine to the corpus can improve carcass quality, improve protein deposition and reduce fat deposition in chicks and broilers.

 Promote the absorption of calcium.

  Animal experiments show that lysine can promote the absorption of calcium in the small intestine. The mechanism may be that calcium and protein specifically combine to form calcium binding protein (CaBP), which acts as a transmission on the intestinal mucosa and promotes calcium absorption. CaBP contains a large amount of Lysine (chicken CaBP contains about 11% lysine), when lysine is insufficient, CaBP synthesis decreases and calcium absorption decreases.


Resist stress

The addition of methionine can reduce feather and anus pecking in poultry. Animals produce self-nutritive stress when they absorb imbalanced amino acids, and the addition of glycine can prevent the stress caused by excess amino acids.

Improve disease resistance. Tryptophan can increase the content of 7-globulin in animals, thereby enhancing disease resistance. This method of relying on nutrition instead of drugs to increase disease resistance has received increasing attention.


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