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03 - 21
Food nutritional fortifiers refer to natural or synthetic food additives that artificially increase nutrients and are added to foods, and fall within the scope of natural nutrients. Food fortification was originally proposed as a solution to a public health problem. The overall purpose of food forti
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03 - 09
Inositol, also known as cyclohexyl alcohol, is widely distributed in animals and plants. It is a growth factor of animals and microorganisms, which was first isolated from myocardium and liver. There are multiple cis and trans isomers of inositol in nature, and the naturally occurring isomer is cis-
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06 - 08
L-carnitine is a type of amino acid that promotes the conversion of fat into energy. The pure product is white crystal or white transparent fine powder. It is easily soluble in water, ethanol and methanol, easily soluble in acetone and insoluble in ether, benzene and chloroform. Ethyl acetate. L-carnitine easily absorbs moisture, has good water solubility and water absorption and can withstand high temperatures over 200°C.
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