What leads to livestock vitamin d3 powder deficiency?
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What leads to livestock vitamin d3 powder deficiency?

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We often consume fruits and vegetables in order to obtain vitamins. Similarly, livestock also need to consume vitamin d3 to ensure healthy life activities. For livestock, vitamin d3 has the highest biological metabolism rate in this large family. Under the conditions of intensive raising, when farmers still feel a headache about how to ensure ventilation, not to mention allowing the livestock to get enough sunlight.


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l What causes the lack of vitamin d3 powder in livestock?

l What are consequences for insufficient supply of vitamin d3 powder?

l How to conduct the prevention of vitamin d3 powder deficiency?

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What causes the lack of vitamin d3 powder in livestock?

As winter is approaching, the sun will weaken. Farmers are often busy keeping the livestock house warm, and they don’t have energy to maintain enough amount and time of sunlight in the poultry house.

This will just cause the lack of vitamin d3 powder, and only until the poultry has calcium absorption and metabolism disorders, bones, the formation of eggshells being blocked, causing ducklings and geese to develop rickets, can the farmers discover. There are many reasons for vitamin D deficiency, mainly as follows.

1. The content of vitamin d3 powder in the feed is low, which cannot meet the normal growth and development needs;

2. Improper ratio of calcium to phosphorus in feed. If the feed can't sustain the balance of calcium to phosphorus, livestock will increase their demand for vitamin d3;

3. Insufficient sunlight in the livestock house. Young birds have 11 to 45 minutes of sun exposure every day to prevent the occurrence of vitamin d3 deficiency. If the sunshine is insufficient, it is easy to cause the lack;

4. Other diseases in the animal's body, causing digestive dysfunction or kidney damage, fatty diarrhea can also cause vitamin d3 deficiency. In particular, when ducks and geese are poisoned by mycotoxins, the demand for vitamin d3 is also greatly increased.


What are consequences for insufficient supply of vitamin d3 powder?

When the animal's body lacks vitamin d3, it is easy to cause calcium deficiency, loss of appetite, weak physique, rough and dull coat or limp. When there is a serious lack of vitamin d3, multiple symptoms may occur at the same time, and it is easy to cause osteoporosis, swelling of bones and joints, and even paralysis.

The reason is that on the condition of lacking vitamin d3, the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus by livestock is low. The decrease in the concentration makes it difficult for calcium and phosphorus to deposit in the bone, and cannot convert the bone matrix into bone, resulting in incomplete bone tissue calcification.


How to conduct the prevention of vitamin d3 powder deficiency?

In general, domestic feed preparation and processing technologies are more influenced by traditional concepts. The domestic vitamin d3 market is still in a gradually mature stage, showing a diversified situation.

For vitamin d3, the biggest resistance comes from the lack of balance in formula technology. Farmers’ superstition of traditional feed and feed companies’ catering to farmers, as well as the structure and price limits of feed varieties.

All of these make many farmers distrust vitamin d3 powder or accept vitamin d3 powder formulations formulated by experts. In fact, as a feed additive with important practical significance, vitamin d3 powder is indispensable for the growth, breeding, maintenance of life and health of livestock.

Vitamin d3 powder has long been the focus of formulation experts, because studies have shown that vitamin D is far more than regulating calcium and phosphorus homeostasis and affecting typical functions of bone development.

A better understanding of the physiological functions in livestock can allow farmers to realize the potential value of vitamin d3 in improving productivity and benefits. Only by making farmers fully understand the necessity of using vitamin d3 powder can they better eliminate the deficiency in livestock.


Farmers must change their existing thinking. The use of vitamin d3 feed additives are not meaning of cutting corners and avoiding inappropriate thinking patterns that restrict output growth and cost reduction. Polifar Group. is a trustworthy feed additives manufacturer with worldwide partners. It provides vitamin d3 powder that meets the standards to ensure that your animals are protected from many diseases, gain weight quickly, and produce high-quality products.

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