What is the function of glucose?
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What is the function of glucose?

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The central nervous system is almost completely dependent on the supply of blood sugar as an energy source, and as soon as blood sugar drops to 80 mg% the phenomenon of glucosuria can occur. In industry, glucose is obtained by hydrolysis of starch, and in the 1960s, a microbial enzymatic process was used to produce glucose.

  • What effect does glucose have on the human body?

  • Why do people need glucose?

  • What do I need to consider when using glucose?

What effect does glucose have on the human body?

1. Improving human immunity

Glucose is an essential nutrient for the normal metabolism of the human body, and after the human body has inhaled abundant glucose, it can promote the regeneration of immunoglobulin in the human body, which is of great benefit for strengthening human immunity. It is especially suitable for people with weak constitution and weak immunity.

2. Virus protection

Glucose can be used as the center of life activities and is a core substance. It can control cell division and differentiation in the human body, promote the growth of human tissue cells, and prevent the formation of cancer cells in the human body. Provide the body with enough glucose every day to prevent cancer. It can reduce the activity of cancer viruses and reduce the occurrence of various viral diseases such as hepatitis and encephalitis.

Why do people need glucose?

1. Maintain the balance of intestinal flora

Glucose also has a very positive effect on human intestinal health. After the human body has absorbed glucose, it can adapt the microecological environment of the body and the entire digestive tract, which can accelerate the multiplication of probiotics in the human intestinal tract and promote the metabolism of garbage and toxins in the intestinal tract as quickly as possible. It not only keeps the intestinal flora in balance, but also prevents the occurrence of various intestinal diseases such as intestinal inflammation, diarrhea and dysentery.

2. Delay skin aging

Glucose can also activate the activity of human skin cells, accelerate the regeneration of skin cells, repair damaged skin cells and reduce the damage to human skin by radioactive substances. If the body can ensure sufficient glucose uptake, it can accelerate skin regeneration and metabolism, and increase skin elasticity, which is of great advantage to delay skin aging.

3. Lower cholesterol levels

Although excessive intake of glucose can lead to increased blood sugar, it can reduce cholesterol levels in human blood, significantly reduce the amount of low density lipoprotein in human blood, and accelerate the synthesis of high density lipoprotein in human blood. Lipid stabilization has great advantages.

What do I need to consider when using glucose?

1) When injecting hypertonic glucose intravenously, care should be taken to ensure that the fluid escapes from the blood vessels to avoid venous inflammation. The same complication can also occur if the liquid is continuously injected at the same site at a concentration of 5%-10% continuously.

(2) If the hypertonic solution for treating cerebral edema is suddenly discontinued, rebound and recurrence of cerebral edema can easily occur.

(3) Subcutaneous injection is not advisable to avoid subcutaneous necrosis.

(4) Injection of hypertonic glucose is prohibited for intracranial or intraspinal bleeding and delirium in dehydrated patients in order to avoid accidents.

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