What diseases can vitamin d3 powder prevent and treat?
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What diseases can vitamin d3 powder prevent and treat?

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What diseases can vitamin d3 powder prevent and treat?

The cost of adding additional vitamin d3 to livestock and poultry accounts for a small proportion of the total cost, but good economic benefits can be obtained. In order to avoid adverse effects of vitamin d3 feed additives deficiency on the health and production performance of livestock and poultry, additional vitamin d3 powder must be added in actual production. According to related research, this behavior can bring many benefits.


Here is the content list:

  • How to describe meaning of vitamin d3 powder in actual production?

  • What will happen to livestock lacking vitamin d3 powder?

  • How to use vitamin d3 powder to prevent the above symptoms in livestock?


How to describe meaning of vitamin d3 powder in actual production?

Vitamin d3 is a type of low-molecular organic compound necessary for maintaining physiological functions of livestock and poultry. Although the requirement is small, it plays a great role in livestock. Most vitamins are components of coenzymes.

The lack of which will affect the synthesis of corresponding coenzymes, leading to metabolic disorders of livestock and poultry, various diseases, and affecting health and product quality.

The research on vitamin d3 in livestock and poultry nutrition started relatively late, most of which are studies on the vitamin d3 needs and the mechanism of action of prepared poultry under conventional conditions. When using vitamin d3 in practice, it is necessary to formulate unique formulas based on different animal species, feed additives and production environments.


What will happen to livestock lacking vitamin d3 powder?

If you are a professional animal husbandry production company or our colleagues, you will know such an attempt: vitamin d3 is a trace material necessary for most animal bodies to maintain normal life activities, and plays a role in regulating and controlling animal metabolism. Different animals lack vitamin d3 powder and have different performances, but we can be sure that ranchers certainly don't want to see such performance.

  • For horses

As we all know, the value of a good horse is incalculable, and it will continue to increase with the honor it receives in the competition. However, young foals lacking vitamin d3 powder will stagnate and deform their bones. The swelling of the bone ends and the bending of the backbone deprived them of hope for horse racing.

  • For cattle and sheep

Animals of the same breed at different ages have different expressions of vitamin d3 feed additives deficiency. Calves and lambs will show symptoms of rickets, while pregnant cows and ewes give birth to weak fetuses, stillbirths, and teratogens. They also have some common symptoms, such as slow growth, ataxia, paralysis of hind limbs, easy fracture of ribs or spine and so on.

  • For pigs

The vertebrae of piglets lacking vitamin d3 are prone to fractures. Their osteoporosis easily develops into bone deformation, joints swell due to uneven stress, and the ribs and cartilage junctions are rosary-shaped; adult pigs are prone to softening of the bones, and piglets suffering from vitamin d3 powder deficiency at an early age rarely live to adulthood.

  • For poultry

Chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys lacking vitamin d3 initially exhibited kneeling postures, unwilling to walk, and stiff gait. Then the growth is slow, the pedal joints enlarge, the ribs and the spine junction are swollen, the claws and beaks become soft, and the feathers become black. In this case, their eggshells become thinner, egg production is reduced, hatching rate is reduced, embryos die, leading to large loss of the farmers.


How to use vitamin d3 powder to prevent the above symptoms in livestock?

Although vitamin d3 deficiency can cause many symptoms, the use of vitamin d3 powder should not be excessive. In actual production, farmers should follow the feeding standards and use vitamin d3 feed additives, and they should pay attention to distinguishing the difference between demand and supply.

Actually, the supply of vitamin d3 is generally more than the demand. In actual breeding, it is a more complicated problem to figure out the exact vitamin d3 amount demand.

In particular, many vitamin deficiencies are confused and difficult to be identified, and sometimes secondary symptoms cover up characteristic symptoms, while similar symptoms will appear at the same time.

Therefore, the recommended standard of vitamin d3 powder for livestock and poultry should be regarded as a reference value. Experts should be consulted according to the actual situation, and the recommended amount should be appropriately increased or decreased.


After the implementation of the new standard, low-cost, low-quality cholesterol is withdrawn from the market, which is conducive to maintaining the quality and safety of vitamin d3 feed additives, and it also makes conscientious feed additives manufacturers like Polifar Group. more famous. We hope that every farmer can purchase qualified vitamin d3, use vitamin d3 reasonably, and maximize the farming income with our help.

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