What are the benefits of vitamin feed for my animals?
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What are the benefits of vitamin feed for my animals?

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What are the benefits of vitamin feed for my animals?

It is well known that vitamins are a class of low-molecular organic substances essential for maintaining normal physiological functions of animals, and are also essential micro-nutrients for maintaining animal life. Vitamin feed has always been considered essential and its benefits to livestock are what many people want to know and this article will explore this issue.

This article contains the following:

  • Benefits of vitamin feed for poultry

  • The benefits of vitamin feed on fish

  • Benefits of vitamin feed for livestock



1. Benefits of vitamin feed for poultry

  • Promote the growth and development of poultry

Vitamin feed additives can improve the nutritional fullness and utilization of feed, promote the growth and development of poultry, and greatly improve feed remuneration. If multi-vitamin feed is added to the broiler feed, the feeding cycle can be shortened by 5 to 6 days, and the feed remuneration can generally be increased by 10% to 15%.

  • Improve the reproductive capacity of the eggs

If the hen is deficient in vitamin E, the embryo will die during hatching. In the absence of vitamins B2, B6, B12, niacin and pantothenic acid, the egg production rate and hatching rate are reduced. Generally, there are enough vitamins in the eggs to increase the hatching rate.

  • Increase anti-stress ability

Generally, when the ambient temperature is too high or too low, the stocking density is too large, long-distance transportation, and bird catching, the proper supplementation of vitamin C and vitamin E in the feed is beneficial to alleviating the adverse effects of various stresses on the birds. When bacillary disease, spirochete disease, or cold, proper addition of vitamin C can improve the health of the bird and greatly improve the body's anti-stress ability. When the weather is hot and the birds are under heat stress, the vitamin feed needs to be increased. At this time, vitamin C has a better anti-stress effect. Vitamin feed plays an important role in maintaining the normal immune function of poultry. When the feed is supplemented with more than 3-6 times of vitamin E, the immunity of the poultry can be enhanced and the disease resistance can be improved.

  • Improve the quality of poultry products

In the vitamin feed of poultry, if the vitamin D is lacking, the laying hen is easy to produce soft shell eggs, thereby reducing the egg quality and commodity value of the commodity. Increasing the vitamin E content in the feed can prevent the oxidation of frozen or fresh meat fat, which can greatly improve the quality of storage.


2, The benefits of vitamins on fish

  • Promote gonadal development

In the breeding stage of broodstock, the use of vitamin A-containing vitamin feed can increase the spawning rate of broodstock and the deposition of vitamin A in fish eggs, but if the vitamin A deposition in fish eggs is too high, it will cause the eggs to hatch in the embryo and The juvenile fish stage died in large numbers.

  • Immune regulation

The role of vitamin D in these aspects will have a certain impact on the metabolism of broodstock, nutrient deposition and embryonic development of fish eggs, which is an important direction for future research.

  • Regulate animal metabolism and steroid hormone biosynthesis in gonads

When the broodstock was fed for a lack of vitamin E for 7 months, the oocyte maturation coefficient (0.7% to 2.0%) was significantly lower than that of the control group (10.0% to 20.0%) because it did not accumulate egg yolk particles. In addition to improving the gonad coefficient of broodstock, vitamin E also has a greater impact on the amount of broodstock, egg quality, hatching rate and fry survival rate.

  • Control blood clotting

Ming vitamin K can activate juvenile fish bone cells, which can easily cause skeletal deformities in juvenile fish when lacking.


3, The benefits of vitamins on livestock

  • Vitamin A

Vitamin feed containing vitamin A maintains the health and normal physiology of mucosal epithelial tissues of various organ systems and maintains normal vision and reproductive function of livestock. Its lack of a series of mucosal epithelial tissue resistance and pregnancy diseases, such as miscarriage, stillbirth and so on.

  • Vitamin D

Its main function is to adjust the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, metabolism and bone growth and development. When it is lacking, it causes rickets in young animals and cartilage in mothers. Prenatal lactating livestock (especially high-yield cattle) should be injected with vitamin A, D, and E in the first half of the month before birth, which can obviously prevent postpartum diseases.

  • Vitamin E

Its main role is biological antioxidants and free radical scavenging. It can increase the immune response of cells and body fluids. When young animals are deficient, they are characterized by muscle malnutrition. Adult livestock can obtain sufficient quantities from natural feed. The long-term storage of the stored vitamin E content will decrease with the storage time.


So these are the benefits of vitamin feed for animal production and obviously each vitamin has an irreplaceable special nutritional and physiological function for the growth and physiological metabolism of the animal so vitamin feed supplementation is extremely important and it will take us some time to understand its application.

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