The review of trace element feed
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The review of trace element feed

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The review of trace element feed

Organic trace elements have been widely used. From the perspective of the entire market share, currently several domestic feed companies have been using organic trace elements. The most used products are glycine ferrous chelate and zinc glycine chelate. The methods used are mostly organic-inorganic combination, or all organic trace elements are used in some products. From the point of view of use, it is mostly added to the feed of young animals and breeders.


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Why use trace elements?

There are three key reasons why organic trace elements have become the new favorite of feed companies: 1) There are many problems with inorganic trace elements in China. 2) Th e state has new requirements for feed safety issues. 3) Facing the frequent occurrence of diseases of livestock and poultry and the requirements of terminal breeding enterprises for animal growth, the demand for trace elements in feed enterprises has changed.

Advantages of organic trace element feed

The organic trace element production process can well remove the residual substances in inorganic salts. After multi-step extraction of crystalline organic trace elements, the purity of the product has been further improved. The content of heavy metals and residues has been greatly reduced compared to inorganic salts, and many heavy metals can hardly be detected. At the same time, on the basis of satisfying the nutritional effects of organic trace elements, its unique functional effects are also very prominent.

With the continuous upgrading and innovation of domestic organic trace element production technology and the continuous increase in customer usage, the profits of organic trace element products have gradually decreased. Manufacturers obtain extensive cooperation with customers through the "price-for-amount" approach. In view of the value of organic trace elements in many aspects, and the price has reached the acceptable range of everyone, organic trace elements will gradually replace inorganic trace elements and become the market leader.


Disadvantages of organic trace element feed

In view of the plethora of organic trace element products currently on the market, how to effectively evaluate and screen them has become the most problematic problem for many of our companies that have used and want to use organic trace element products. The main reasons may be three aspects: 1. Some products do not have corresponding national standards, and enterprise standard testing methods are inconsistent. 2. For products with national standard, the national standard itself has many problems and its credibility is not complimented by the industry. 3. Product updates are relatively fast, and the testing methods just established may not meet the testing needs of current products.

The development and use of organic trace elements in the country has been for several years, but in the process of visiting the market, it will be found that many feed company technicians have a vague understanding of the concept of organic trace elements, or they do not clearly. The main reason for this phenomenon is not that our technical staff is insufficient, but mainly because of the numerous organic trace element manufacturers. In order to support the sales of their own products, various opinions and opinions have emerged in the market. The market propaganda of "public justice and public justice," said our formulator's theoretical views that have been established have been confused. For example, many people mistakenly consider basic chloride and fumarate as organic trace elements.

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