2 Impressive Benefits of L-Lysine
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2 Impressive Benefits of L-Lysine

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2 Impressive Benefits of L-Lysine

Amino acids, animals have to meet the demand, promote animal growth, improve the amino acid balance, improve feed utilization, and save the role of protein resources it can improve the nutritional value of plant protein and its feed, protein feed resources and development, for example, the limited amino acid is added in the meal feed can replace fish meal, so as to reduce the feed cost and to improve meat quality, for example, adding lysine can improve the quality of the car body and lean meat.


This article contains the following:

  • What is L-Lysine?

  • Performance and use of L-Lysine

  • How to synthesize L-Lysine


1.What is L-Lysine?

Lysine is mainly used as feed additives, food fortifiers and pharmaceuticals.

Chemical name: L-lysine; L--2,6-diaminohexanoic acid monohydrochloride

Chinese alias: L-2,6-diaminohexanoic acid; L-lysine (food grade); lysine

English alias: Lys; Lysine; Lysine acid; (S)-(+)-Lysine

This product is white or nearly white free-flowing crystalline powder; almost odorless. Easily soluble in water and formic acid, difficult to dissolve in ethanol and ether. Solubility (g / 100ml water): 40 (0 degrees), 63 (20 degrees), 96 (40 degrees), 131 (60 degrees).

Quality Standard :AJI92, USP26, FCCIV, etc.


2.Performance and use of L-Lysine

  1. Used in the food industry. Lysine is one of the important components of protein. It is one of the eight amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize by itself, but it is very needed. It is an excellent food fortifier. Because of the lack of lysine in food, it is also called "the first essential amino acid". Adding lysine to beverages, rice, flour, canned foods can improve the utilization of protein, thereby greatly strengthening the nutrition of foods, promoting growth and development, increasing appetite, reducing disease, and improving physical fitness. Canned food It has the function of deodorizing and keeping fresh.

    2. Used in the pharmaceutical industry. Lysine can be used to prepare compound amino acid infusion, which has better effect and less side effects than hydrolyzed protein infusion. Lysine can be made into nutritional supplements with various vitamins and glucose, which can be easily absorbed by the stomach and intestines after oral administration. Lysine can also improve the performance and effectiveness of certain drugs.

Transportation and storage: Handle lightly, prevent moisture and sun, and do not mix with toxic and hazardous materials.

Store in a dry, clean, cool place in a sealed container. Shelf life is two years.


3.How to synthesize L-Lysine

  1. L-lysine is generally supplied to the market as L-lysine hydrochloride [657-27-2]. Free L-lysine is prone to deliquesce, and it is prone to yellowing and deterioration due to free amino groups. It irritates the fishy smell and is difficult to keep for a long time. L-lysine hydrochloride is relatively stable, not easy to deliquescent, and easy to store. However, the demand for L-lysine is also increasing in some applications, such as peptide synthesis chemistry, biochemical research, and preparation of lysine derivatives. Free L-lysine can be prepared from L-lysine hydrochloride.

2. Tobacco: BU, 22; FC, 21; can be obtained from animal protein by hydrolysis and refining. It can also be synthesized from benzoylpiperidine.


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