What is the precaution of using amino acid feed?
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What is the precaution of using amino acid feed?

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What is the precaution of using amino acid feed?

Adding amino acids to animal feed can meet animal protein requirements and improve feed utilization. And can also reduce the stress of animals and so on. As an animal feed additive, amino acid has a great effect, and its price is high, so it should be selected reasonably when used, so as not to affect the feed quality and cause economic loss.


This article contains the following:

  • Determine the type of amino acid to be added

  • Determine a reasonable amount of addition

  • Consider the digestibility and availability of amino acids in feed ingredients

  • Stir well


1. First determine the type of amino acid to be added

           Due to different feed resources in different regions, the types of diets for livestock and poultry are different. The general types of diets are: corn-bean cake (meal) -based diets. Methionine is often used to meet the energy and protein needs of pigs and chickens As the first limiting amino acid, it is often necessary for poultry to supplement methionine. Diets mainly composed of corn-soybean cake (meal), cottonseed cake (meal), peanut cake (meal) type, mainly corn, paddy (rice)-cottonseed cake (meal), rapeseed cake (meal) type Rations are mainly corn-cotton seed cake (meal) and sunflower cake (meal) types. Lysine in the above three types of diets is often the first limiting amino acid, so livestock and poultry diets need to be supplemented. Lysine. In the above diet types, tryptophan and threonine deficiency generally do not occur when the energy and protein meet the needs, but if the protein level is below the normal requirement level, it often leads to tryptophan and threonine Lack of. In actual production, to correctly determine the type and amount of amino acids that need to be added to the diet, careful calculations are required.


2. Determine a reasonable amount of addition

           First, the amino acid content in the feed should be measured, and then compared with livestock and poultry raising standards, what is missing and what is missing. When determining the added amount, it should be noted that the amino acid requirement of the feeding standard is not exactly equal to the added amount. The feeding standard is the minimum value of amino acids required by livestock and poultry under normal circumstances, but the requirements of livestock and poultry are affected by many factors, so there is a large difference between the actual addition and the specified requirements. Often the actual demand is higher than the recommended value, therefore, a certain safety factor should be added on the basis of raising standards.


3. Consider the digestibility and availability of amino acids in feed ingredients

           Because the amino acids contained in feed ingredients cannot be fully digested, absorbed and used by animals. Practice has proved that formulating livestock and poultry diets with digestible or available amino acid content as indicators is more effective than feeds formulated with total amino acid indicators.


4. Stir well

           When using amino acid additives, stir well and distribute them evenly throughout the diet. If a strong mixer is not available, an appropriate amount of corn flour or bran can be used as a carrier, pre-mixed with amino acids, and mixed with other compound feed ingredients after mixing.


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