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With the continuous economic development, livestock products can be found on the dinner table of most families. The safety of animal products is the key to ensuring the safety of human food, and the safety of feed additives is the key to ensuring the safety of animal products. Vitamin d3 is one of t



[Product Technologies] What are the feed additives vitamin d3 powder used for?

Feed additives are a large family. Although the amount of livestock body demand is relatively small, the effect is rather large. Members of this family have different chemical structures, nutritional effects, and physiological effects. Among them, vitamin d3 is undoubtedly one of the most eye-catchi



[Product Technologies] What are the benefits and side effects of l-threonine?

Everything has two sides, so as the feed additives. The preparation process of L-Threonine has been refined, so that its production cost has been rapidly reduced, so the price has also fallen. However, this also caused some farmers to misunderstand L-Threonine crystal. What are advantages of feed gr



[Product Technologies] What are l lysine hydrochloride benefits?

Nowadays, raising animals no longer simply use feed as before. Now that the cost of feed is constantly expanding, feed grade L lysine hydrochloride can not only save costs, but also increase the absorption and utilization rate. It is no wonder that it is the star of feed additives. However, there ar

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