New forms of vitamin feeding product
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New forms of vitamin feeding product

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New forms of vitamin feeding product

Vitamins play an indispensable role in animal growth, so vitamin feeding products are increasingly used but there are many kinds of vitamins, each with different functions, so they are classified as easy to use. In order to make better use of vitamin feed products, it is necessary to understand the classification of vitamin feed products.

This article contains the following:

  • Definition and importances

  • Classifications and differences 

  • Matters needing attention


1、Definition and importance

Vitamin feed products refer to a variety of single vitamin preparations purified from industrial synthesis or natural raw materials or multivitamin preparations produced by them, but do not include a natural feed with high vitamin content.

The main function of vitamins is to participate in the composition of highly active enzymes in animals, and it has been proved that many enzymes contain vitamins. If there is a lack of one of these vitamins, the body's corresponding metabolism will change abnormally. It has been identified that 13 vitamins are needed in the animal diet, and the lack of any one can cause abnormalities or even death. Vitamin deficiency, often appear comprehensive symptoms, it is not easy to quickly judge which vitamin deficiency, therefore, in the animal diet should be supplemented with enough vitamins according to the standard, eliminate all kinds of unfavorable factors that destroy vitamins, and avoid vitamin deficiency.


2、Classifications and differences

Vitamin feed is mainly divided into the following two categories. Fat-soluble vitamin feed and water-soluble vitamin feed.

  • Fat - soluble vitamins

Fat - soluble vitamins are insoluble in water and soluble in fat and fat - soluble solvents such as ether chloroform,and it includes vitamin A, D, E, K2.

Among them, the nature of vitamin A products unstable, need to add antioxidants and stabilizers as auxiliary materials to make particles and should be light-proof seal preservation. Vitamin D feed products with vitamin D3 oil as raw materials, with appropriate amount of antioxidants and stabilizers, and gelatin and starch and other excipients by spray to make particles. It is similar to vitamin A products, but the antioxidant power is stronger and the storage in diluent is more stable, and the loss of storage titer in premix is larger. Vitamin E feed products are extremely easy to be oxidized by oxygen in the air, and easy to hydrolyze and deteriorate, so the loss of activity without coating treatment is very fast, after the package is treated, it is stored in the premix for 3-4 months, and in the full price material for 6 months. Vitamin K products on oxidation, reduction, strong acid, light and radiation instability, premix water, trace elements and acids can destroy vitamin K.


  • Water-soluble vitamin

Most of them are soluble in water, and there are many kinds, but their structure and physiological function are different, in vivo mainly in the form of coenzymes or cogroups involved in substance metabolism.There are nine kinds of water-soluble vitamins: vitamin B1 , vitamin B2 , vitamin B3 , vitamin B6 , vitamin B5, vitamin B11 , vitamin H , vitamin B4, vitamin C.The appearance of this kind of vitamin products is generally white, yellow or yellowish crystalline powder (except choline). When it exists as monomer, its properties are generally stable (except vitamin C), but when it exists as complex or mixed with trace elements, its properties are unstable and easy to destroy.


3、Matters needing attention

The characteristics of different vitamin feed products are different, and the addition methods are also different. General dry powder feed or premix, powder can be directly added to the mixer to mix. When the concentration of vitamin preparation is high, the amount of vitamin preparation in feed is small or the raw material mobility is poor, it should be diluted or pretreated first, and then mixed with the main mixer. The addition of liquid vitamin preparation must be sprayed into the mixer or treated first, which must be changed into dry powder. For some vitamins with poor stability, the loss of vitamins can be reduced by selecting the method of granulation, cooling and spraying on the surface of particles in the production of pellets or expanded fodder.

At present, vitamin feed products are widely used, which makes it more and more important to understand its related knowledge. An understanding of its forms is also essential.

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