L-Isoleucine feed grade
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  • Quality Assurance


  • Package

    Phosphate: 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag, 1100kg/bag, 1200kg/bag, 1250kg/bag or as your request.
    Trace element: 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag, 1200kg/bag, 1350kg/bag or as your request.
    Amino acid:25kg/bag, 600kg/bag or as your request.
    Vitamin:1kg/bag, 25kg/bag, 25kg/drum ect.
    Protein: 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag, 600kg/bag, Unpackaged or as your request.
  • Delivery Time

    About 10-30days.
  • Modes of transport

    By air, by sea or by train.

  • Payment Term

    Pre-T/T OR LC at sight.
  • Packaging and storage

    Most pre-mixed packaging bags use three-in-one paper bags, which have the advantages of waterproof, light-proof, no leakage and not easy to damage. Generally 20-25 kg/bag. Since the premix contains a variety of active micro-components, the chance of their interaction will increase, so care should be taken to prevent moisture during storage.
  • Measurement and mixing

    For the measurement of micro-components, electronic scales should be used, accurate to 0.01 grams, and large amounts of raw materials can be used on scales. There are many kinds of mixers. Ordinary vertical mixers are prone to shortcomings such as automatic separation and slow discharge speed due to their slow feeding speed. It is best to use a horizontal double ribbon mixer or a cone mixer.
  • Amino acid addition problem

    Many experiments have confirmed that adding rumen bypass methionine and lysine can increase milk production and economic benefits. This can be added by dairy farms according to specific conditions.
  • Stability of trace components

    Under normal storage and use conditions, the physical and chemical properties of trace elements, vitamins and other components in the premix are stable, but when the moisture content is high, the stability is poor and the loss rate is large. Strictly control the water content of the premix, preferably not more than 5%.
  • Production technology

    Prevent and reduce the loss of active ingredients and ensure the stability and effectiveness of the premix. Choose raw materials with good stability. In terms of vitamins, it is better to choose stabilized raw materials; when using sulfate trace elements, the crystal water should be minimized, or oxides should be used instead, organic trace elements can also be selected; control choline chloride The amount of alkali, because of its strong water absorption, has a destructive effect on vitamins; vitamins should be added in excess, especially when the storage time exceeds 3 months; good quality antioxidants, anti-caking agents, and anti-fungal agents should be added.
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L-Isoleucine feed grade

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Color: White crystals or crystalline powder
Material: corn
Sales Models: wholesale
Min Order: 1mt
Shelf Life: two years when properly stored
Packing: net 25kg/50kg/600kg in Plastic woven bags with PE lining
Storage: stockpiled at the ventilated place, avoiding rain, moisture and insolation. Please handle with care
to prevent bag damage, store away from toxic substances.
  • Assay/% 98.5%~101%
  • 292249

Product Description

Product name: L-Isoleucine feed grade
Chemical formula: C6H13NO2

CAS: 73-32-5

Product performance:

In the 20 common amino acids that form the basic building blocks of proteins, leucine (Leu), isoleucine (Ile) and valine (Val) three kinds of amino acids on the structure has the same branch side chain, is called branched chain amino acids (branched - chain amino acid, BCAA), on which the carbon chain is a set with the structure of the branched chain aliphatic neutral amino acids.BCAA is aquatic animal body can't synthesis and must gain amino acids from foods, namely the essential amino acids, BCAA is a special kind of amino acid, it is the only major in extrahepatic tissue oxidation of essential amino acids, mainly oxidation parts in muscles, their catabolism mainly in skeletal muscle.

Storage: Stockpiled at the ventilated place, avoiding rain, moisture and insolation. Please handle with care to prevent bag damage, store away from toxic substances.

Packing:Net 25kg/drum or 25kg/bag

Loading:11.25MT/20FCL' ;9MT/20FCL' with pallets

Shelf Life: Two years when properly stored

Analysis of Certificate

Testing   Item




White crystals or crystalline powder





Specific   Rotation



Identification   (Infrared Absorption)

Corresponding to   Reference Spectrum


Residue on Ignition/%



Loss on Drying



Chloride (Cl)/%



Iron (Fe)/%



Sulfate ( SO4)/%



Heavy   Metal(Pb)/%






Cadmium   (Cd)/%



Mercury   (Hg)/%



Total   Plate Count(cfu/g)



Yeast   and Molds(cfu/g)




Negative   in 10g


Staphylococcus   Aureus

Negative   in 10g



Negative   in 10g


Loss   on Drying/%






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