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Organic trace elements have been widely used. From the perspective of the entire market share, currently several domestic feed companies have been using organic trace elements. The most used products are glycine ferrous chelate and zinc glycine chelate. The methods used are mostly organic-inorganic combination, or all organic trace elements are used in some products. From the point of view of use, it is mostly added to the feed of young animals and breeders.



[Industry News] What are the types of amino acids

Amino acid is the basic unit of protein. It is an organic acid containing amino group. It is composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other elements. The protein in the feed cannot be directly used by animals, but is decomposed into peptone and peptides by the combined action of digestive enzymes such as pepsin and trypsin, and cannot be used by the organism until the simplest amino acid. Therefore, protein nutrition is actually amino acid nutrition.



[Industry News] Amino acid feed definition

Amino acid feed is a very common feed, and almost all people who farm animals use amino acid feed. And they all think this kind of feed is great, but if you are a newcomer to the farm, don't buy amino acid feeds at will, because it has the benefits of improving protein utilization and feed conversion rate and increasing resistance, but it also depends on different Need to buy different types. This article will detail the knowledge of various amino acids.



[Industry News] 2 Impressive Benefits of L-Lysine

Amino acid has the effects of meeting animal needs, promoting animal growth, improving amino acid balance, improving feed utilization, and saving protein resources. It can improve the nutritional value of plant protein and its feed, and is conducive to the development of protein feed resources. For example, adding restricted amino acids to meal meal feed can replace fish meal, thereby reducing feed costs and improving meat quality. For example, adding lysine can improve carcass quality and lean meat percentage.

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